Ava // one month old.

 Ava hit the one month mark on November 24.  She and I celebrated the day by attending a breastfeeding moms group.  It was wild.  She was all, “Mom, you sure know how to party.”

{Since I’m delinquent with this post, I’m trying to remember what she was like a few weeks ago.  And I’ll write in the present tense – let’s all pretend that I’m not 3 weeks behind schedule.}

At one month old, Ava weighs 7 pounds, 2 ounces.  We call her Pea – short for Sweet Pea.  Also, coincidentally, her initials backwards.  AEP – PEA.  We call her Pea approximately 95% of the time, and we need to be careful to call her Ava too, so she doesn’t grow up thinking she is named after a vegetable.  We give her Vitamin D each day, which she seems to like.  She gets the hiccups at least once a day.  We do a few minutes of tummy time most days, and we read her a book most days.  She loves books that have a rhythm to the words (Dr. Seuss is a favorite).  She also really loves to be sang to – fortunately my horrible singing voice doesn’t seem to bother her.

She is a very good baby.  She sleeps well at night – we wake her up every three hours, she eats, and then falls back to sleep pretty easily.  She loves to be held and if she’s fussy, laps around the house usually calm her down.  She also loves to two-step dance with her daddy – safe in his arms, she falls right to sleep.  We were waiting to introduce a bottle and pacifier until she’s four to six weeks old (per the advice of the lactation consultants and nurses we’ve talked to), so we’ll be doing that any day now.  She’s a great eater.  Nursing is getting easier for me and for her but especially me, because I think it was always easy for her.

She’s still in newborn clothes and we imagine she will be for awhile because she’s a petite little gal.  Really the only thing that she seems to seriously dislike is having her onsies pulled over her head.  Her eyes are wide and blue.  She imitates facial expressions sometimes, so we think she must be a genius.  Her little feet and hands are nearly constantly in motion when she’s awake – a busy girl.

We love her an impossible amount and each day is an adventure.


18 thoughts on “Ava // one month old.

  1. She’s petite because she takes after her mama! And the feet business sounds like dad – isn’t he a runner?
    What a sweet, adorable little girl. I’m so happy for you guys!

  2. This is so great! I love to hear about how you guys are doing! (And I hope that you’re doing well, Mama! It can be a tough transition. I’ve had friends who were all like, “This is the most joyous time in my life and being a mom is what I was born to do,” while I was all like, “What happened to my life and what was I thinking??” It’s okay if you’re in either category, or somewhere in between. Things got better for me around 3-4 months.) Don’t worry about calling her “Pea.” It’s a cute nickname, and it’s not like she’ll be in kindergarten writing the name “Pea” on the top of her paper because she’s confused–she’ll know. When Jake was born, all I could call him was “Bubba” (for whatever reason, that’s what he looked like). And I remember feeling nervous that he was going to think his name was Bubba and not Jake (and my mother was horrified at the thought). At this point, we still call him “Bub” or “Bubby,” and he knows that we’re talking to him, but he also knows that his name is Jake. Also at this point, he can stutter the name “Bubby,” but he hasn’t said “Jake” yet (or made the ‘j’ sound). I’m not worried…he will get there eventually.

  3. Aww, daily hiccups! My heart is melting. I am so glad you posted about how you guys are doing. I just adore hearing about the love you and Kevin have for Ava–or should I say Pea? ;). I’m happy to hear nursing is going well for you guys, too! Ava sounds like such a sweet, content baby, and no wonder, she has the best parents!

  4. What a great update! She’s doing so well! Does she need more books? I’d be happy to get her one! :) I breezed through five earlier this week with my nephew and I know the same book gets old. It’s a standing offer as she gets older so if you don’t need one now, I’m happy to do it in the future!

  5. I absolutely adored everything about this post, and it makes me wish that I had done them with Brady. Maybe I’ll start going forward… :)
    Your beautiful Sweet Pea is absolutely precious and beautiful. Even though our newborn days were difficult (I struggled with breastfeeding and Brady had tummy troubles), I still adored them. I have such fond memories of those days.
    Have fun and enjoy every moment!!

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