Rue cat ramblings.


In celebration of my one year adoption anniversary, Amy is transcribing a blog post as I dictate.  Kevin and Amy adopted me in December of 2014 when I was five months old – just a kitten.  Now I’m a grown up cat, like my bestie Kiki.  I have lots of besties but Kiki is my cat bestie.  She is the coooooolest.  I love to play with her.  Sometimes I run up to her to give her a hug (the humans call it a pounce, which must be a human foreign language word for hug) or a high five.  She says, “Oh Rue, you’re so fun and awesome.  I love playing with you.”  But it sounds a lot like, “Hiss,” to Kevin and Amy so sometimes they put me in solitary (a bathroom).  It’s good Rue time.

I have lots of toy besties that I like to play with too.  Feather mouse and purple dog are two of my faves and I’ve hidden them in a safe place.  I also have a pony.  He’s invisible and lives at the end of a shoe string.  I like to lead him around the house.

I have a new little human bestie – her name is Ava and she’s pretty interesting.  I like to be wherever she is and listen to the strange sounds she makes.


I’m known to speak my mind around here. When the alarm goes off in the morning, I generally like to jump up on the bed and tell Kevin and Amy all of the cool things I did during the night. I’ve also been known to talk back when I’m told not to do something and to let my feelings be known when I’m released from solitary. I’ve heard it’s important not to keep my feelings all bottled up inside.

My first year in this home has been very exciting and eventful.  I’ve explored new heights – such as the top of the entertainment center and the top of the fridge and the top of the kitchen cabinets.  My humans shake their heads and say, “Oh Ruester,” anytime they catch me exploring.  They’re so proud of my adventurous spirit.


I’ve heard myself described as “a character” and “sweet” and “a pill”.  All terms of endearment.  Kiki says she “rues the day” she met me – such a joker.

The humans discovered early on that I’m a big sports fan. Just a month after I arrived here the Kitten Bowl aired and I was enthralled. The game was exciting and the MVP, Joe Montuna, a long-haired, black and white kitten, was just downright dreamy. Since I haven’t found any kitten league games on TV, I settle for watching human football. I’ll watch college football, but given the choice I’d prefer to watch the Carolina Panthers play. Their mascot looks just like me, so naturally I’m a fan. My absolute favorite though is college basketball – March Madness to be specific. I like to sit at the edge of the couch and follow all of the action. I’m hoping for an all cat mascot team final four this year.

Well, that’s all for now. I have a date with my boyfriend, the orange and white tomcat who comes to the back door to see me every night.


Until next time, keep it Rue.



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