Chance of shower(s).

Kevin and I are surrounded by the BEST people.  We are so appreciative of the love and support and advice and gifts and shared excitement that family and friends, near and far, have offered.  It is truly a blessing that our little girl will be joining a world that includes these people.

Back in August, a Junior League friend put together a tea party shower for me and another JL friend who was due in early October (she recently had a baby girl!).  I adore high tea and it was so fun to get together with some of my favorite ladies and celebrate. A perfectly girly shower!


In early October, a wonderful family friend and her team of top-notch helpers put together the most gorgeous and thoughtful shower I can imagine.  The theme was “Oh The Places She’ll Go” and it was so perfect.  I had the best time, chatting with friends and family, laughing, eating the delicious food, and enjoying the hospitality of this lovely group of hostesses.



^ She is definitely the hostess with the mostess!  I love Honnie. ^








^ With my mom and sista. ^

In mid-October, a few of the sweet ladies that I work with organized a shower at work.  There was delicious food, adorable decorations (including a diaper cake, homemade by one of the hostesses), and it was a great chance to catch up with people at work.  This was especially fun because Kevin was also there for the gift opening.  And the candy bar in the diaper game – he was really good at it.  I think that alone has earned him the key responsibility of head diaper changer.  :)


Last but definitely not least, a couple of Kevin’s friends threw him a diaper party at a local brewery/restaurant last Sunday.  It was co-ed, so I got to tag along as well (I stuck with an Arnold Palmer rather than trying something on tap).  One of Kevin’s good female friends was an organizer, so there were even decorations!  I told Kevin that I think this is highly unusual for a diaper party, so he should feel especially honored.  We went home with a truck full of diapers after a really fun afternoon of football, tasty drinks, and great food (chicken and waffles – need I say more).



How lucky are we to have these amazing people in our lives?

When did you last feel completely spoiled by loved ones?


12 thoughts on “Chance of shower(s).

  1. You guys are awesome people so it’s no surprise that you are well loved by so many people! :) I LOVE that “The Places She’ll Go” shower theme. I need to remember that for the next shower I host. So fun! And your dress at the shower is perfect. All flowy and feminine and perfect. :)

    Also, I love that Kevin’s friends had a party for you guys. I don’t hear of that happening as often (usually it’s pretty centered around momma). So that’s super precious. :)

  2. Hey you updated your wedding picture! That’s cool :) I’m glad you have such awesome people in your life. These are fun showers! A diaper party is a brilliant idea… You go through those things quick!

  3. These showers look amazing! And I love that Kevin’s friends threw hi a party too :-) Also
    1) You are so cute! That bump!
    2) I love that pink and white dress! Where did you find it?!

  4. I LOVE that you felt so loved and pampered!! The showers all looked so adorable. :)
    I was writing thank-you notes the other day, and I thought I’d write one for my parents and my sister for how much they did for me, my hubby, and Brady this year. I was so overwhelmed by all that they had done that I couldn’t actually write them yet. Ha, ha. :) It’s a wonderful thing to face parenthood knowing that you are surrounded by so much love and support!

  5. The sugar cookies made me swoon, they look so perfect and tasty! The entire table looks amazing, your friend did a wonderful job.
    I’m so happy for you to be surrounded by so much love, your little girl will be so loved ♥

  6. lovely showers for a lovely girl. so excited for you guys to meet your babe soon! do you feel ready for him to come now? the nursery gets so full of stuff you kinda start thinking there’s really only one thing missing in there …. :)

    also, i’m hosting a baby shower on saturday, and i scanned those pics verrry carefully for inspiration :) i can’t say more cause the lovely girl reads over here :)

  7. What an absolute delight! You are clearly surrounded by love and support! If only us “child free” families could find more excuses to get spoiled rotten ;)

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