Photo op – maternity edition.

A few weeks ago we met up with Neighbor to take some maternity photos!  The bambino (and us!) at week 34….

I was very committed to wearing an autumn inspired outfit with a cozy sweater and boots, despite the fact that the day boasted summer weather temps.  #anythingfortheshot

I’m also committed to growing out my blonde highlights and there’s nothing quite like photos of yourself to make you realize how out of control the accidental ombre hair color look has gotten.

Here are a few favorites from our session.







Thanks to Shawna for these photos!  We’ll treasure them.  :)

Can you get away with sweaters and boots in your neck of the woods, or are you dealing with an unseasonably warm October like we are?


12 thoughts on “Photo op – maternity edition.

  1. Lovely pictures! And to answer your other question…though it probably won’t stick, I’ll be amazed if we make it out of October without any snow. :( But I’m mostly happy because it’s still above freezing by the time we’re heading out each morning.

  2. LOVE LOVE LOVE! Your neighbor did a great job with this! And I love your outfits and your hair and your faces! Just beautiful! Perfectly fall!

    It’s more fall-like today. Yesterday was 90 degrees and today is 60. Which is pretty normal for Memphis this time of year. We have some 40s coming at us this weekend, but I imagine it’ll be warm again next week. The permanent cold doesn’t really hit until November most years. :)

  3. These pictures are so cute! I wasn’t even looking at your hair–I was looking at your adorable baby belly! I, too, tried to wear an unseasonably warm sweater last week to take pictures with Jake at the pumpkin patch (and, funny enough…I also wasn’t pleased with the way my hair looked. But Jake looked great, so I posted them anyways). 😊

  4. You guys, these photos are fantastic! I love the colour scheme, the pumpkin (SO cute), and your bump. Baby bumps are so frickin adorable, I love em!
    West coast BC is perfect for fall-inspired fashion, yet still beautifully sunny and warm (not hot) during the day. Just saying… ;-)

  5. Those photo’s came out so wonderful!!! :) You really will treasure them! I already look back on my preggo pics with a sense of nostalgia… since you know, they were taken about a year ago! Ha, ha. But seriously, I already look back on them as though they were the good ol’ days. There’s something special about looking back on preggo pics and remembering. :)
    And we had snow yesterday (just a dusting) so the cold weather is here, unfortunately. I can’t complain though… Up to this point, we had perfect fallish, sunny weather for weeks!

  6. Ahh, I love every single one of these photos! You are rocking the ombre hair, in my opinion! I love your outfits, too! Here in my neck of the woods, boots and a sweater are a must…. as well as a jacket and maybe mittens, haha. I know I say this a lot, but I can’t wait for the Pierce bambino!

  7. Oh my goodness, these photos!! Your neighbour did such an amazing job! And your outfits are perfect, even if the weather wasn’t cooperating with you ;-) We’ve been in sweater weather for awhile, but it’s still surprisingly warm for us…usually we’ve had significant snow at least once by this time of year!

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