A month out.


^ Another day, another long skirt and plain shirt. I’m #predictable. ^

My due date is less than a month away!  We are washing baby clothes (ooooo’ing and ahhh’ing every step of the way) and organizing the baby’s room and thinking about what should go into the hospital bag.  I’m transitioning work stuff to someone else.  We’re taking an infant CPR class tomorrow!  Doctor appointments once a week!

Kevin and I toured the labor and delivery ward where we’ll be…laboring and delivering…and it was simultaneously reassuring and terrifying.  The place is great – quite new, very clean, lots of natural light, not very big or crowded.  During the weekdays, there are midwives on from 7 AM – 7 PM with a doctor on call during those hours in case something happens that requires their assistance.  Then a doctor is around between 7 PM and 7 AM to handle whatever needs to be handled during those hours.  There is no guarantee that my doctor will be the one to deliver if we’re during the doctor hours, but he did say that he is still very involved with his patients when they’re in labor and he’ll come check on things.  The facility is really big on immediate skin-to-skin contact and the baby rooms in rather than going to a nursery – both things that are important to us.  We also decided to go with the doula group that works out of the hospital rather than getting an independent doula.  Rave reviews on that doula group from friends who have recently had babies and used them, and because they are affiliated with the hospital, they can stay with me if I opt for an epidural and/or if a C-section is necessary.  An independent doula would not be able to stay in the room for either.

I fell off the 10,000 steps per day wagon recently, but I’m trying to get back on track!  Since mid-July I’d managed to get my 10,000 steps each day and I really think it makes a difference in how I feel.  I’m also really loving my Tuesday evening prenatal yoga class.  The community of women and the gentle exercise is so soothing.  I feel so much better at the end of the day if I’ve come close to hitting 10,000 steps (which is around 4.5 miles, according to my FitBit), and I really attribute the fact that I haven’t hit that dreaded third trimester “wall” to the consistent activity.  I know that “wall” is there and I’m confident I will hit it and just feel DONE with being pregnant, but I’ll take every good day I can get!  My total weight gain has been 23 pounds as of my appointment today and my doctor seems satisfied with that.

I’m sleeping well through the night overall – aside from the frequent trips to the bathroom of course – and I’ve loved using an exercise ball as a chair at work.  It has really helped the mild sciatic nerve pain and lower back pain that I was experiencing.  And I think it’s good for my posture too.   In terms of cravings, I’ve had a bit of a sweet tooth recently (so I’ve decided to give up the sweets until she’s born) and I want alllllll the soup and casserole and comfort food.  Not too interested in protein (except milk and cheese and beans), which is a shame because the doula said I should be getting like 70 grams a day.  I’m trying, I’m trying!

That’s about it for a third trimester check in.  All is well here at 36 weeks – let’s hope she keeps growing and thriving and hopping on my bladder for a bit longer, but it feels really, really good to be in a safe zone on the week count.


9 thoughts on “A month out.

  1. I know what you mean about touring the labor room. I thought it was a great idea to look in advance, but then I kept having all of these nightmares featuring me in that exact delivery room. To be fair, it wasn’t really the hospital’s fault. I just didn’t sleep well during that final month.

  2. You are so close! And so cute (predictable or not!) 1.) I want to see your nursery and 2.) I’m curious to hear about your experience with a doula. I’ve thought about having one when its time for baby #2.

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