A day in the life – October 2015.

Soon – so soon – my typical day is going to drastically change.  It’s exciting and nerve-wracking and many, many other feelings.  So many feelings.  In the interest of documenting this time BB {Before Baby, obviously}, here is my typical day in early October 2015.

Kevin’s alarm usually goes off around 5:00 AM and he has been committed to three to four mornings at Cross Fit each week, so he has been exercising the self-discipline of not-Amy and avoiding the snooze button.  He’ll kiss me good morning, I’ll garble something incoherent, and he’ll make his way downstairs to the coffee, the Wall Street Journal, and the Mike & Mike show.  The cats will usually follow and they’re given a few treats for their trouble.

At around 6:10 Kevin will come back upstairs to get ready for Cross Fit.  Before he leaves, he’ll kiss me goodbye and I’ll be slightly more alive-alert-awake-enthusiastic and send him off with a “Have-a-good-workout-drive-safe-see-you-soon-I-love-you.”  I’ll usually stumble out of bed around 7:00 and go downstairs to give the girls wet food and myself some frosted mini-wheats.  I’m never more popular in my house than when I have milk, and Kiki will abandon her wet food when she senses I’m nearing the bottom of the bowl.  She gets a tiny bit of milk and Rue does too.


Since blogs tend to be highlight reels, I’ll throw out the mention that I occasionally go for a walk around the neighborhood, just to make it sound like I’m somewhat deliberately active.  Through the summer I was pretty consistent on this front…but recently, well, I could be better.  Walk or no walk, I’ll be out of the shower by 7:45, around the time Kevin gets home.  He’ll make himself a protein shake and we’ll both get ready for work.  We walk into work together and are there by 9:00.

Work is work – I’ve been transitioning my responsibilities to another lady in the office so she can cover HR while I’m out for a few months.  If neither Kevin or I have lunch plans with friends or work meetings, we’ll walk home for lunch.  I’ve been on a bean and cheese burrito kick this week.  Then it’s back to work for the afternoon.  Afternoons pass faster than mornings for me – I don’t know why.  I guess I’m in the groove after lunch.

Evenings are usually at home (Kevin has the occasional alumni council obligation, I’ll go to prenatal yoga on Tuesdays, and I have Junior League meetings twice a month) and are predictable in their routine.  Sometimes we’ll go for a walk around the neighborhood.  We’ll cook dinner together – always a meat protein and a vegetable, occasionally a starch.  We eat dinner at the coffee table in front of the TV because that’s what adults do.  After dinner, I’ll usually make laps around the downstairs, trying to get myself close to 10,000 steps for the day.

The bedtime prep routine begins at around 9:00 and lights are usually out by 9:30.  And that’s the day.  It’s amazing to me that our everyday routine will be changing soon and will never be the same.  On to the next typical day chapter – which will always be evolving.

What is your favorite part of your everyday?  Are your days consistent? 


9 thoughts on “A day in the life – October 2015.

  1. It relieves me to know we’re not the only the only couple who eats dinner in front of the TV. Seriously, I feel better now :)

  2. We’re 10pm bedtime people so I feel you there! Kevin’s 5am days are impressive to me! Christopher gets up that early too, but it’s normally to catch up on TV shows that I don’t like to watch (i.e. Walking Dead, yuck). He used to swim in the mornings at a local health club, but since he’s back to playing basketball over lunch, his mornings are more chill. I wake up when the sun comes in the bedroom window. So 5:30 in the summers, 7 in the winters, around 6:30 right now. It’s a pleasant way to wake up. I’m not a huge fan of alarm clocks.

    I’m looking forward to reading your “Day in the Life” post in 2 months… and again a year from now. I can only imagine how much will be different! :)

  3. YOU GET SO MUCH SLEEP! Oh my gosh. All intelligent thoughts just flew out of my head and your sleep is the only thing I can think about. That’s impressive!!!!

    I second Rach. Share some more “day in the life” posts as things change! :)

  4. babies definitely change how the days go!! mine are more fulfilling by far now though!! and oh my hub gets up way early for crossfit, too. i cannot imagine, ha!!

  5. Getting up at 5am to exercise is beyond me. What willpower and dedication! Plus, Kevin is used to getting up early which will come in handy when the baby is born ;-)

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