Coffee date with you II.

It’s been nearly a year since our last coffee date, so what do you say we catch up over a cup?  Truth be told, I’ll probably order a tea.  I only like the coffee drinks that are heavy on syrup and flavors – the gateway coffees, if you will – and I’ve managed to avoid those for the past eight months, so why break the trend now?  I’ll explain this as I dump sugar into my steaming cup of black tea and you’ll wonder at my rational (or lack thereof) train of thought.  But being the good friend that you are, you won’t judge.

Kevin’s football coaching season has begun which is really fun for him and I like the home games.  The field is in such a beautiful location on the school campus.  I look forward to the fall when the leaves change and the air is crisp.  I usually take a book, pull a blanket from the trunk of my car, and sit under a tree near the field.  This year I’ve been spoiled and had company at each game thus far – Leann met me for the first and Kevin’s best friend from high school was in town for the second.

Lisa came to town to accompany me to the State Fair and watch Doug Stone perform.  We had a great time walking around, reminiscing about our livestock showing days and waxing poetically about how much things have changed.  The concert was great.  It was not well attended, so it kind of felt like a private show.  Doug (after a practically private show, obviously we’re on a first name basis) sounded really good and he was hil-ar-ious.  Kind of self-deprecating and very engaging with the fans.  One of the best concerts I’ve ever gone to, and it was fun to share it with Lisa.  We love our 90’s country!


Last weekend I hosted a little Favorite Things party for a few work and Junior League friends.  It was so much fun!  Each gal brought one of their favorite things – times three and wrapped individually.  Each name was written three times and put into a bucket.  We took turns drawing three names apiece and handing out our favorite thing to each of the three recipients.  It was a great way to learn more about some of my favorite people and their loves.  I brought my current favorite lip balm by Pixi and I received such awesome stuff – Pineapple Kona tea and Perfectea Rock Sugar from Teavana and a Baby Lips gloss from Ashley, Thin Mints and a Starbucks gift card from Becca, and a pen and a Lush bath bomb from Heather.  Everyone in attendance seemed to have a great time and we all kept commenting that it was like a birthday!  Getting to open three presents – who doesn’t like that?  Toss in some tasty snacks (including Leann’s famous carrot and pineapple mini-muffins and the Trader Joes ginger snaps provided by Heather) and beverages (Ashley brought the supplies and expertise to whip up some Italian cream sodas) and it was a lovely morning.


While I was favorite things partying, Kevin took his truck with the car seat and base to a safety clinic for car seats.  He learned how to properly install the base, things to keep in mind as we grow and graduate to bigger car seats, and now we both feel really comfortable that we can safely haul around our little gal.

And that night we braved the looooong line of cars around the state fair grounds to go watch the PRCA rodeo and Clay Walker perform.  The rodeo was entertaining, as is the people watching at the fair forever and always.  Clay Walker put on a pretty good show too, and we had a nice night out.  (It started with Mexican food at my favorite Mexican food spot, which was perfect – even if it did mean ending the night with a little heartburn.)

It has been the year of the baby – not just for us but for many friends as well.  We’re toward the end of the batch of due dates and it has been so fun to see our friends become parents.  There have been lots of brunch and dinner double dates with the sweetest little fifth wheels and seeing our friends so in love with their bebes makes us even more excited to meet our own.  Of course we’re really treasuring the time we have to spoil ourselves and each other – sleeping in, changing our plans on a whim, leaving the house with minimal preparation or supplies…etc.  It’s an interesting time – so much is the same but so much has changed.

As usual, I’m rambling on and on, and the coffee mugs are empty.  Thanks – as always – for the time, friend.  And now please – talk my ear off.  What’s new with you? 


12 thoughts on “Coffee date with you II.

  1. I LOVE the idea of a ‘My Favorite Things’ party!!!!! I want to host one sometime… It sounds like a fun mommy’s night, for sure! :)
    Hmmmm, I’ve been busy / busy with life as of late. BUT there have been some fun times thrown in! AND I have a super fun packed week ahead, starting Friday. So I can’t wait!! Apple picking… movie night… date with the hubby…AND a movie a the theaters. Woo hoo! :)

  2. What an adorable party idea! I need to copy that one! Sounds like such a fun girls’ night! :)

    And I love that so many of your friends are having kids around the same time as you guys. How wonderful that your sweet little girl will grow up with so many friends her age! :)

  3. This all sounds so good! The State Fair must be a very big deal, eh?


    I’m thick in the heart of soccer season: playing co-ed and running a team, playing women’s and running the league, playing pickup soccer and running those weekly sessions. It’s exhausting. My body is tired. My mind is tired. I’m still on the “tackling too much at once” kick and paying for it. When will I learn?!?!??

  4. A party where everybody gets presents is an excellent idea! Do you think you will pick up drinking coffee again once your girl is here? It will be just in time for gingerbread lattes… ;-)
    You must be getting so excited for your baby’s arrival, it’s getting close – she is due next month, isn’t she?

  5. The favorite things party sounds so fun!!! It’s nice you have plenty of friends who are joining the parent club, you will be able to get plenty of advice when it is your turn!! Glad you are enjoying your “two” time, before it all changes!!

  6. LOL at the gateway coffees! So true.So, I really want to hear about your livestock showing days now. Please sare?! I love the idea of a favorite things party. I need to try that some time. All of your attendees have very good taste in favorite things :). How sweet that Kevin took care of the car seat stuff. I definitely hear a lot about the dangers of not having a car seat installed properly, though when I talk to my mom about stuff like that she’s all “When I was growing up, car seats didn’t exist…” haha. Crazy. Also, I agree that people watching at the fair is always a blast! Also also, I am so excited for your new addition to come. Can’t. wait.!!

  7. Love coffee dates! :) Sounds like such a sweet season for you guys! I can’t wait to meet your baby either, haha! As far as what’s new for me? Recovering from surgery so right now sleeping like 18 hours a day…not a bad gig at all! :P

  8. So many neat things in this post! Does Kevin coach high school football? I’ve been going to a few of those myself, lately, to support my students. I really like the smaller, family-oriented atmosphere–it’s a lot different than going to a college game (which is really my only other experience with watching football). It’s looks like you really CLEANED UP at your favorite things party! Nice job! I also think it sounds so neat to go to a state fair in the Midwest, what with rodeos and livestock shows and whatnot (how did I miss that you used to show livestock?). I feel like the main event at southern county fairs is the junk food, like deep fried Oreos or deep fried WHATEVER. You’ve had such a fun September!

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