First day.


^ Kevin’s First Day at SWFGC ^
Favorite color:  Blue
Favorite food:  Ice cream
Favorite beverage:  Coffee
Most excited about:  Lunch (and recess, naturally)

It’s a big day in our house!  Kevin starts work at his new job today. For the past five years he has worked at a law firm but he gave notice in the beginning of August and last week he said a final sayonara to billable hours…and discovery responses….and depositions…and billable hours…and the writing of briefs and memos…and billable hours.  {Can you tell what I’m most excited about FOR him?  He no longer needs to track his day in 6 minute increments!  The only good part about billable hours?  He let me build him a spreadsheet for easy tracking.  I do love a nice spreadsheet project with formulas.}  He worked with some really great people, learned so much while he was at the firm, and was on the shareholder track, so it was not a decision taken lightly to leave.  He’s not one to rush into anything and this career-course altering decision was no different.  I am so proud of Kevin and how carefully he considered all of his options – taking into account what was best for our family and what was going to make him feel happy…fulfilled…excited to go to work.

And today it’s official….  Yessiree, he’s out of civil litigation world and is joining the company that his dad started ten years ago.  A chance to work closely with his dad!  The opportunity to help sustain and even grow a family business!  Interesting business development projects to research, implement, and manage!  A bit of general counsel stuff, just to keep his big toe dipped in the law pond! Walking to and from work because we live so close to the office!  A more flexible schedule, which will be a tremendous blessing in November when the baby comes!  Did I mention no billable hours?  Let’s just say there’s a lot to be excited about and excited we are!

Gosh, I love him.  I can’t wait to see what awesome things he does in his new job.

What’s your dream come true job?  Have you ever made a big career change?


13 thoughts on “First day.

  1. Congratulations Kevin! It sounds like a wonderful change, that will pay off time and time again. And now you can both walk to work! It saves money, is good for your health and good for the environment. Triple win!

  2. Awwww, that’s so wonderful! Congratulations, Kevin! This sounds like such a wonderful opportunity!! :) I love when doors open like this and everything seems to align so perfectly (especially when there’s a little one on the way). I’m so happy for you both!

  3. Adorable blog. Very excited for KP’s new adventure. Having walked away from billable hours, I can tell you he is going to LOVE it! And the commute afoot with his Mrs. sounds pretty fantastic.

  4. I’m proud of Kevin too! I support your decision (no matter what) since it’ll be the best for YOUR family. Way to go, guys! Enjoy the new job, Kevin! This sounds great. I love it when things actually come together :) You two deserve all the happiness in the world!

  5. Oh my goodness! What a wonderful fit!! Better hours and walking distance and helping with the family business! So this means you guys are BOTH in walking distance to work, right? That is so neat! I am so happy for you guys! What a wonderful move for his career and your family! :)

    Also, I love your “first day of work” info at the beginning. That was adorable!

  6. Speaking as a former litigator I can tell you: he won’t miss it! My contract at my last litigation practice ran out about a year ago, and for 9 months I was out of work and willing take anything that was offered (I’ve since sort of fallen into another semi-legal contract with a rural water authority). I can tell you that not only have I not missed tracking small units of my day, I haven’t missed the deadlines, the pressure from clients, the stress. Congratulations on him for taking this step!

  7. So happy for BOTH of you! When your husband is in a high-stress/lots-of-overtime-type job, I feel like it wears on the ENTIRE family–not just him. I’m so glad that Kevin is making a switch to something different. Has he been liking it so far (since you wrote this post like a month ago, lol)?

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