I asked a few of my nearest and dearest to list a few of my obsessions.  Here’s what they came up with:


Kevin says…
– Books –
– Pesto –
– The girls – {our cats}
– Cheese –
– Jeans –
– Hot Cheetos –
– Cherry tomatoes –
– Boots –

Amy Tiff 2

Tiff says…
– Reading –
– Your cats –
– Tights –
– Boots –
– Kevin –


Joy says…
– Order –
– Jeans –
– Your cats –
– Kevin –
– Leggings –


Shawna says…
– Cleanliness –
– Food –
– Reading –
– Organization –

Amy Mom Lisa

Lisa says…
– Clothing –
– Kevin –
– Books –
– Keeping order –

Mom says…
– Books –
– Washing dishes in the correct order –
– Matching (clothes, flowers, décor) –
– Food –
– Lack of clutter –

Lots of overlap!  In a nutshell, I’m obsessed with books, organization/order, my cats, Kevin, and clothes, particularly the ones that go on the bottom half of the body.

I’d say they know me well.

What are a few of your obsessions?  Would others agree?


12 thoughts on “Obsessin’.

  1. What a fun and interesting post! I can only name a few of my own obsessions – Zoie, my 7lb. Peekapoo (Pekinese/Poodle), my granddaughters Kaliya and Kelsey and little Kylee (who should be making her appearance in October) and Rick. Other than that, I honestly don’t know – So I’m really looking forward to hearing what those closest to me have to say… Date: Tue, 25 Aug 2015 19:55:13 +0000 To: fragua@msn.com

  2. This is so awesome and such a fun post idea! Love the cat + Kevin + books obsession :). Some things I’m obsessed with lately: books, dogs, and smoothies.

    I must know, what is the correct order to wash dishes?!

  3. How fun! I love that boots make an appearance a few times, that’s too cute!
    Based on your blog, I would say books, Kevin, your cats and pesto.
    For me it’s my dogs, yoga, my husband, being outside, writing and reading, daydreaming.

  4. Haha, love this! It’s interesting to see how people from different parts of our lives perceive us. I feel like my co-workers would see me slightly different than my volleyball teammates, yet, I’m certain there would be a lot of similarities too!

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