Project 12 // July 2015.

 *Project 12 – A photo on (or around) the first day of each month.*
{Idea credit & linking up with  The Lady Okie}


July 2015^ At the family reunion on July 4! ^  

The Princess Bride by William Goldman – 4 stars
Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen – 5 stars

Travel Adventures:
July 4 – Day trip to Magdalena for the family reunion!

Noteworthy Days & Events:
July 3 – Tile replacement complete and we were able to move back home after been displaced for five days.  Home sweet home, say the humans and the cats.
July 9 – Gas meter…adventure at rental house has been resolved!  New tenant is able to move in anytime.
July 10 – Fun “fishing trip” (annual retreat for Kevin’s work which once centered around fishing but hasn’t in…a really long time) getaway at Tamaya.
July 11 – Bought the first big baby purchase!  A crib.  We had to laugh at ourselves because that is SUCH a first-time parents purchase.  It seems so necessary from where we sit, but she won’t actually be sleeping in the crib for a few months (as there will be a bassinet in our room initially).  But!  A crib will be necessary at some point and it converts to a toddler bed and double bed, so she can use it for many moons.
July 12 – Heard author Hampton Sides speak at Bookworks.
July 16 – Replaced half the windows in the house!
July 17 – Mini-bar replaced with shelves/cabinets!  So much prettier and more functional.

Ate: (new recipes & restaurants)
Rach and Jayda each made this Pioneer Woman recipe (Buttery Lemon Parsley Noodles), inspiring me to do the same, and it was as easy and as delicious as it looks.  We had it as a side with salmon and used basil rather than parsley.
We ordered pizza from Pizza 9 (which neither of us had tried before) and had it delivered.  It was tasty.  And we didn’t even have to leave the house.  Win after win after win.
The Pioneer Woman makes these crash hot potatoes look so easy, and when I made them, they were very delicious…but looked like a crash hot fail.  Not pretty.  But tasty is more important so we’ll just go with it and I’ll probably make them again as long as presentation doesn’t matter to whomever I’m feeding!

Tell me something about your July!


9 thoughts on “Project 12 // July 2015.

  1. Sounds like a busy, productive month! Our summer just won’t quit, so I’ve been spending my days (if not at work) by the pool, pond or water sprinklers. Basically any body of water that’s close by :-)

  2. Yay! I’m so glad you enjoyed the buttery pasta! Sometimes you just need a little pasta in your day. ;) And in a weird way… it almost feels like you, me, and Jayda all had dinner together! ;)

    Aww, look at you guys with the crib! I wanna see pics! How’s the baby room coming along? We went to visit friends with a newborn last night (well, she’s a month old now, but still so tiny!) and they showed us her nursery which was super adorable… and then they showed us the bassinet and diapering station in their room which is actually where she spends her time. ;) They said she has taken a couple of naps in her nursery, though! So that’s something. It’s funny how different some people are about when their baby actually moves into the nursery. We’ve had friends who’ve put their kids directly into a nursery and other friends who still have their kid sleeping in their room at 3 years old. Gotta do what works for your own little family. :)

    I’m so glad for you guys that the tile is all done and that you are back in your house! I’m sure that had to be a great day.

    Oh, and I didn’t realize you guys had a rent house. We’ve talked about doing that, but we just hear so many renter horror stories. How has your experience been?

  3. you got a crib! fun! i remember that being both a) my first baby purchase and 2) the most exciting purchase. so fun to walk by the nursery and envision a little baby sleeping in there – makes it all seem real :)

  4. How exciting that you bought the crib! You won’t need it right away (like you said), but it gives you such a nice fuzzy feeling every time you walk by the room and see it in there, right? :-) And just a random side note…Justin and I have been watching the Homeland series season by season on DVD, and midway through season three we realized that the guy who plays the head of the CIA is actually the guy in Princess Bride who is continuously trying to avenge his father. So WEIRD!

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