The songs we sing our cats.

Wouldn’t it be fun if life were a musical?  We would all just burst into song about the most trivial of things and a full piece orchestra would begin playing in the background.  That’s the dream, I say.  I spontaneously bust out a tune or two on a daily basis.  And I’ve been a bad (or good) influence on Kevin, because he has begun to do the same.  Usually we sing to our cats.  And the cats become the stars of the song and it’s addicting.  For your listening and reading pleasure, here are a few cat song serenades that Kevin and I (and probably only us) find hilarious.



I Whistle a Happy Tune from The King and I

Kiki’s version goes,
“Keek whistles a happy tune, and every single time,
the happiness in the tune, convinces Keek that she’s not afraid.
While shivering on her paws, she holds her tail erect,
and whistles a happy tune, so no one will suspect, she’s afraid.
The result of this deception is very strange to tell,
for when Keek fools the people she fears, she fools herself as well.”

Kiki has also been the star of many, many jingles through the years.  The most recent is Renewal by Anderson.  Or should I say, “Renewal by Kikerson, Keek loves her new windows.”



My Generation by The Who

Rue’s version is pretty simple: “Talkin’ ’bout Rue’s generation.”

We Are Siamese (If You Please) from Lady and the Tramp

Rue (who definitely has some Siamese in her – we like to think her father is Ping, the Casanova cross-eyed Siamese in our old neighborhood) has a version that goes like this:

“Rue is Siamese if you please,
Rue is Siamese if you don’t please.
Rue is looking over her new domicile,
if she likes it then she’ll stay for quite awhile.”

We also sing, “Rue’s a Yankee doodle dandy, Rue’s a Yankee doodle gal,” and the part about being born on the 4th of July because Rue that’s our little plumpy’s birthday.  {Btw, she’s losing plumpness because we switched her to the same food that Kiki eats – Mature and Weight Management.}

And on this day, the first anniversary of Flo’s passing, I would be remiss if I didn’t share our favorite Flo song – it fits her to a T:


Trouble by Neon Jungle

Flo’s version is:
“Flo don’t look for trouble but trouble looks for Flo,
and it’s been waiting around corners since Flo was seventeen,
they say, ‘here comes a hurricane,’
‘white cat is her middle name,’
but Flo don’t look for trouble,
yeah trouble looks for Flo.”

We also would incorporate Flo into that Highlander commercial featuring the Muppets that was airing a few years ago.  “Flo ain’t got no room for boring, for boring Flo ain’t got no room.”

Do you like to spontaneously burst out into song?  Do you sing to your pets?


8 thoughts on “The songs we sing our cats.

  1. OMG haha I was really hoping for some video or audio of you guys actually singing. I’m kinda glad you didn’t share that though because I’d probably have peed my pants laughing hysterically.

    You and Kevin are super fun people! Doesn’t the baby have any songs yet???

    I can’t recall singing any songs about Lexie but Gavin has a few. Specifically, we call him Goober which leads to Gooby and then THE SCOOBY SONG! And since he’s always hiding, it kind of fits him.

  2. Oh Flo, has it been a year already? She was such a spunky girl. I love the song you picked for her. And the ones you picked for Kiki and Rue too! I do kind of secretly wish there was audio of you guys singing these songs, though! ;)

    And yes, I totally break into song all the time! And I definitely sing to Oreo! Often. :D When our friend, Tony, lived with us we would sing different parts of musicals and Christopher would just laugh at us. Fun times! ;)

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  4. YES!!!! I’m SO relieved to find out that Nate and I aren’t the only people who do this! LOL!!!! We definitely burst into comical songs a lot to our cats… and now to Brady. The poor kid is going to definitely grow up thinking that life is a musical. Ha, ha! :) Then again, what’s wrong with that?!? ;)

  5. I’m glad I’m not the only one who does this! The Fonz used to star in all of our songs, but lately Jake has taken that spot. One of my favorites is Robin Thicke’s “Good Girl,” changed around to, “You’re a good boy! Your name is Jakey….they call you Jakey. Your mama tells you you’re a good boooooyyy!” Pretty simple (not as elaborate as Kiki’s whistling son), but Jake likes it. :-) Fonzie gets Winnie the Pooh’s theme song because of his bear-ish size: “Fonzie the Bear, Fonzie the Bear, tubby little cubby all stuffed with fluff he’s Fonzie the Bear, Fonzie the Bear, willy nilly silly old bear.” :-)

    On Fri, Jul 17, 2015 at 9:22 AM, A Desert Girl wrote:

    > Amy @ A Desert Girl posted: “Wouldn’t it be fun if life were a > musical? We would all just burst into song about the most trivial of > things and a full piece orchestra would begin playing in the background. > That’s the dream, I say. I spontaneously bust out a tune or two on a daily > b”

  6. would love to spend a day as though i were living in a musical. the good news? jon would be 100% on board. we tend to sing a lot anyway (it has a way of making things funnier), and we *always* sing out actions for a good 20+ minutes when we leave a musical (takes a while to adjust to real life and whatnot.)

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