Me again.

At this rate, I run the risk of only posting smorgasbord posts that ramble about recent events.  Will I ever have another original thought that justifies an entire blog post?  The jury remains out on that one.

But! In the meantime, just to prove my existence, here is your daily weekly dish of update.

Neighbor’s wedding was wonderful.  She was the most stunning bride and it was such an honor to be a part of the day.  Isn’t she gorgeous?

 And here I am being a creeper.

 I didn’t want to step on her dress, so I hovered awkwardly behind her and Danielle and it came out looking very “Hi, my name is Stalker.”

Two weeks ago I celebrated being 20 weeks pregnant by pulling a ligament or something in my stomach.  It was so painful that I had a hard time standing/sitting up straight and even breathing deeply.  Fortunately it only lasted a day but that was a day spent on the couch.  Here I am, gazing at said ligament adoringly and thanking it for fixing itself somehow.

 We’re considering four girl names, so last week we took a day try out each name and see which feels the most natural.  I think we have a favorite.

Tile replacement is complete.  My flip flops wanted a piece of the action, but I said, “No way, jackhammers are loud.  And dangerous.”  So we just snapped a picture and left the work to the experts.  More on the reno to come.

You’ve seen the bountiful basil bouquet that our gardening efforts have yielded.  Here’s another harvest update:  three banana peppers.  They managed to wrangle their way into a pasta salad last week and they were…disappointing.  Maybe we didn’t let them get ripe enough?  Or maybe we’re one crop wonders and basil is the crop.

Rue turned one year old on July 4!  We celebrated by forcing her to wear a stars and stripes hat.

She was not impressed.  She was also not impressed by the fireworks that night.  I must admit, I agree with her.  I like an impressive display of colorful fire as much as the next person, but do they have to be so loud?  And how did they become a tradition fit for the 4th of July?  Let’s celebrate Independence Day with the sounds of a war zone!  I don’t get it.  But I’m also not a very fun person.

Speaking of…

We made a day trip to check in at the annual family reunion on the 4th, and on the way home I called my Aunt Jewel (she’s in her 80’s and a spitfire of a gal) because I hadn’t talked to her recently.  She asked about the reunion and all the fun things that had been happening – Minute to Win It games, a 3-D archery shoot competition, a lip-sync battle, karaoke, bean bag competition (also known, by many, as corn hole, which I find disturbing), etc.
Jewel:  So.  Those fun and silly games sound great.  Which did you and Kevin do?
Me:  Well, none.  We missed the silly games part.  I guess we’re not very fun. 
Jewel:  I know. 
Burn.  I was able to give her a general, second-hand update on the silly, but the only firsthand knowledge I had about reunion happenings was what kind of food we had for lunch that day (the delicious kind) and the best of the half dozen homemade ice cream offerings (vanilla and banana split).  Okay by me.  I enjoyed the food, the ice cream, and the people.

And at least I didn’t tell people that we couldn’t stay because it was our cat’s first birthday and we needed to get home to her.  Even if I did think it.  Wink.

What’s new with you? 


12 thoughts on “Me again.

  1. I laughed out loud that your Aunt Jewel thinks you guys are lame! Maybe it was just a generic agreement statement, and she didn’t really hear what you said right before that? But either way, it’s hilarious. And you’re not wearing the family reunion T-shirt! Between you and Rach, I’m sad that my family didn’t have a big reunion on the 4th. Ours was very low-key and just us. I’m also wondering, are you going to share your baby girl name on the blog (or in general with people) before she is born? Or after? Or are you going to do the internet safety thing and refer to her by some sort of made-up nickname on your blog?

  2. Aunt Jewel is my favorite. But in your defense, I’m fairly sure that she would think most 30 year old couples are lame because she’s just that cool. I adore your bridesmaid dress.

  3. I love Neighbor’s dress and the dresses you guys got to wear! Your hair’s so long and gorgeous :)

    There’s either a lot going on in your world OR you’re just recapping it all at once. I hope you’re getting time to relax! I also hope you weren’t experiencing round ligament pain. Although I think the solution is to relax more which means more reading time so I guess that would be tolerable :)

  4. I have a friend who looks a lot like your neighbor! Her name is Savannah! And you’re right – she is beautiful! Also, the stalker pic… totally cracked me up! But your explanation makes perfect sense. I can see how that would happen. But man, it looks funny in frozen form. ;)

    AHH! Yay for picking a (possible) favorite girl name! That’s awesome! I’m so excited that you are already 20 weeks into this! Half way there!

    Bummer about the banana peppers, but at least the basil has been awesome!

    Happy 1st birthday to Rue! She’s such a cutie!

  5. Pregnancy is a never-ending mystery to me – your pulled ligament is the perfect example. So weird! But how awesome that it fixed itself in a day, which is interesting as well.
    Your aunt Jewel sounds hilarious! I love feisty old women.

  6. Right?!? Why can’t they make quieter fireworks?!? LOL! I agree wholeheartedly!
    You made a gorgeous bridesmaid, by the way! I’m in love with the color AND style of the dress. :)

  7. I’m right there with ya on the blogging…life updates just seem to be easier right now than a well thought out post about a certain topic…hoping we both find some motivation soon :) I would be the same way on my pet’s birthday – they can’t celebrate it alone!!

  8. Haha, leaving because of a pet’s birthday is totally justified!! At least as far as I’m concerned. Rue is so cute in her hat! Your peppers look great…too bad they were disappointing! Yay for picking a potential favourite name! :-)

  9. smorgasbord posts work for me :) i love the idea of trying out names for a day. i have 3-4 girl names that i love (and hopefully get to use one day!) and that seems like a pretty solid way of making sure we’ll continue loving it once it’s in play :)

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