Some recents and upcomings.

Confession:  I have felt highly unmotivated to blog recently.  Summer fever?  Tired of staring at a computer screen after a long day at work?  Just want to sit around and stare at my dreamy husband and adorable cats?  Yes, yes, and yes.


^ Rue loves to stare at Kiki in adoration. Then give her a “hug” (aka: pounce) or a “high five” (aka: paw to the face).  It’s fun, fun for everyone. ^

There is no lack of real life to occupy my time now that the weather is warm and sinfully wonderful.  Here are a few recent and upcoming events in my little world.

Kevin and I are stepping up to the plate and preparing for some important home improvement projects.  First up – new windows.  We’re having around half the windows in our house replaced, which is not a glamorous project, but we know we’ll be happy with the improved insulation and eye appeal of non-vinyl-circa-early-1990’s windows.  Cross all your fingers and toes and do a few rain dances with us in mind – if it rains 1/2 an inch on July 4, our windows will be free, thanks to a local Renewal by Anderson promotion.  I’ll keep you posted.

Another upcoming home project is to replace around 800 square feet of flooring in our kitchen, half-bath, laundry room, entry way, and living room.  It is currently this horrible tile that is cracked, discolored, and looks dirty even when it has just been cleaned.  We are really excited to replace it with some pretty, sparkling new tile (which is very similar in color to what we already have – most people will probably not even realize that we’ve done anything.  But we’ll know and we’ll love every second of it.)  Inconveniences abound (we’ll need to pack up everything in those rooms and remove wall hangings, we’ll likely need to move ourselves and the cats out of the house for the demo stage, we won’t have a functioning kitchen or laundry set-up even if we are home) which make us wish that we would have dipped into the trust fund to replace the floor before we moved in two years ago.  And by trust fund I mean take out a loan.

I took a little mini-road trip east over the weekend to attend Tiffany’s baby shower.  She’s due in September!  Another friend from college was there and she’s due this year as well, so it was fun for the three of us to see one another and catch up and talk pregnant talks.


This upcoming weekend will bring another mini-road trip.  Destination:  Shawna’s wedding.  It’s going to be perfect for my Neighbor.  And first we’ll do a bachelorette tea on Thursday, which will be tea-rific.  I can’t get enough of those little sandwiches.

Kevin and I harvested some basil over the weekend.


Our garden is thriving.  Thanks entirely to Kevin and the fact that he waters it daily.  I have contributed…well, positive thoughts and well wishes to the plants.  And I pulled a few weeds.  Yay me.  The basil was put to great use in pesto (of course) and it was amazing.  Definitely my most favorite meal ever – pesto and pasta.  We finished off some gorgeous basil fettuccine that Kevin picked up in Seattle last year, which made the meal even more favoritest.

What’s new with you?  Any big events on your calendar? 


13 thoughts on “Some recents and upcomings.

  1. I, too, find it much harder to blog in the summers. I think because it’s sunny and light for so much longer that there are a million other things I should do. Like watering the plants daily so my garden looks like yours. Currently, it does not. Sigh. This weekend was awesome, I loved the chance for us to get to hang out and visit! So excited for Shawna and I can’t wait to see the wedding photos!

  2. Your basil is so beautiful! Such a pretty bouquet! And I bet that pesto was divine! Now I’m craving it, haha!

    Hooray for replacing windows! We really need to do that. I haven’t wanted to because I LOVE the windows we already have (they were original with the house and are beautiful, but they aren’t double paned or even really that secure). I just hate to pay money to get windows that won’t be as pretty. But they’ll be more practical which is probably better, haha!

    Sounds like a busy home renovation time for you guys! It’ll feel so great for everything to be redone! :)

  3. I had a hard time blogging as soon as I got pregnant. Just no energy!! I have the energy now, but not as much time to do it with our little guy here!

  4. Either Rue is getting big or Kiki is much smaller than I realized. They look almost the same size in that photo! Good for you getting some house projects done before baby arrives! You won’t feel like doing it later, for sure. And that pic of you with your pregnant friends is so cute! Your little bump is so tiny! 😊

  5. Agreed with Rachel: I thought Kiki was bigger!

    Are you having anxiety over the work getting done or are you guys pretty go-with-the-flow about it? Will you stay at Kevin’s parents’ house for a bit?

    YOUR BASIL. It’s ginormous!! And green and I can allllmost smell it :)

  6. Yay for home improvement projects! I will definitely do a rain dance for you ;-) so awesome that you could get your windows free!! And your basil looks amazing…I bet that pesto was delicious!

  7. Basil is my most favourite herb in the world, and just looking at your gorgeous bouquet made my mouth water. So luscious!
    Home renos are daunting, but the end result is worth it – it sounds like you’re both feathering the nest for your little one! Exciting times.

  8. Wow, I’m jealous of your husbands basil-growing skills! My hubby and I just moved into an apartment together, and one of the first things I did was buy an array of potted herb plants. Let’s just say that it’s two months later, and they are all D-E-A-D! lol! Well, the aloe plant is still alive ;)

  9. isn’t it fun being pregnant at the same time as your friends? it was such a blessing for me — 3 of my best girl friends had babies around the same time, and now we’re always texting/calling during feeding (which you’ll soon spend about 40% of your day doing!!) and yessss to summer being a little too wonderful to blog much :)

  10. Ouch…pulling a stomach ligament?! You poor thing. On the upside…your bump pictures are too stinkin beautiful! Love them! So fun that you are pregnant with some of your good friends too. It’s so fun to see the progression over time. I just got together with one of my friends and our son’s are one month apart and I love looking back at the pictures of us pregnant together.

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