It’s a…

We’re tickled pink to be having a little girl!  It is so fun to say she and her and daughter (!!).  We were already talking names but now we can really zero in on that.

{A gender reveal photo featuring boat shoes on a blog that includes the word ‘desert’ in the title…ironic?  What can I say…we love our Sperry’s around here.}

We had the ultrasound tech write down the gender and seal the verdict up in an envelope.  It was important to us that we found out what we are having privately.  The appointment ended at 10 AM and there was no way we could wait until the evening to know.  We went for a late breakfast after the appointment and opened the envelope with shaking hands while we waited for our food.  The tech was very tricky and put the ultrasound pic with the gender written on the back inside two folded up pieces of paper – one blue and one pink.  First we saw the blue paper and then we saw the pink and then we saw GIRL!!  It was a wonderful moment and it seemed perfectly appropriate for us both to have tears in our eyes at Weck’s at 10:15 AM on a Monday.

The anatomy scan went well – all her little fingers and toes and organs and limbs seem to be in place and functioning as they should.  She’s measuring a little bigger than average for the age (weighing in at 8 oz which is 3% over the average weight for 18 weeks + 1 day).

My weight gain has been around 5 pounds and I’m starting to show a bit.  It’s at a point where I can dress to hide the belly altogether or I can accentuate it with the right clothes and people will wonder if I’ve had one two three many cheeseburgers.

Since around week 16 I have thought MAYBE I felt her moving around every so often.  Earlier this week (18 for those who want to put a number to it), I decided that I was 96.78% sure that I felt her, and Kevin thinks he has felt her move under his hand when it is placed on my stomach too.  We’re ready for more so keep growing strong in there, little girl!

I have felt really well – a bit of morning sickness through week 17, but nothing to really complain about.  I could complain about a few other symptoms…growing pains…whatever they’re called but I’m too ladylike to discuss them in a blog post.

I’m still craving fruit and spicy stuff and fried stuff and NOT chocolate (blegh).  I know there is a lot of debate on what you “can” and “can’t” eat and drink while pregnant, and my doctor is actually very chill about the whole thing.  But I’ve discovered that I’m very not chill and ultimately I have to do what I’m comfortable with because I’m the one who has to live with myself and I worry about the silliest stuff anyway so why add to that list of worries if I can help it?  {“Was the lunchmeat heated to an appropriate degree of ‘steaming’?”  That’s an actual question I’ve asked myself on my one attempt to eat lunchmeat.}  I’m erring on the side of crazy worrywart.  Here are the things I’m not eating/drinking and the percentage of time that I miss each in the grand sum of time that finds me missing food/drink:

I Miss

This is following extensive research and the pie chart makes it all very scientific, yes?

At the end of the day, the symptoms and the food “sacrifices” are of such insignificance.  I feel so blessed and so grateful to be carrying this child.  The fact that she is half me and half Kevin makes what I share with him feel even more special – I can’t get over how much I love him and how much we both love her already.

“The child must know that (s)he is a miracle, that since the beginning of the world there hasn’t been, and until the end of the world there will not be, another child like (her) him.”
-Pablo Casals

{Hopefully Pablo won’t mind that I took a little gender pronoun creative liberty with the quote.}

What food/drink would be hard for you to give up? 


18 thoughts on “It’s a…

  1. Oh my Amy! What a great post. Congratulations on your pink bundle of joy. I indulged in a half a glass of red wine a couple times a month and that was comfortable for me. I also missed soft cheeses A LOT. Being a vegetarian during the pregnancy kept me away from steak but I do remember going through a severe chicken finger craving the first trimester. And seriously, the chart is epic!

  2. YAY! Girl, girl, girl! So exciting! Those pink Sperrys are way adorable! I love that you guys are a Sperry loving family! :)

    Also, your comment about being ladylike made me laugh in contrast to my TMI post earlier this week. ;) At least someone around here is keeping things family friendly. ;)

    I love your chart. Pie charts make everything look scientific. Even opinions, haha! I love yours! I feel like 95% of mine would be sushi, ha!

  3. I laughed and cried. Congrats!!! Your little lady will be so smart and adorable. (Duh – half you and half Kevin, two insanely brilliant and attractive people!)

    I can’t wait to hear EVERYTHING (or as much as you want to share) about this pregnancy and this baby and you two becoming parents. yayyyyyy! So happy for you!

    Forget what you’re okay with giving up… what are you most excited about GETTING? Newborn baby smell? Naming? Seeing which parent she looks like? Buying maternity clothes?

  4. Congratulations Amy, this is brilliant! Girls are so much fun, just think of all the outfit possibilities… And I love that the technologist played along with the pink and blue paper. Makes me proud of my profession. So happy for you and Kevin!

  5. Ah a little baby girl!!! I bet it is so awesome and fun to say “her” and “daughter”! I love that the tech made it extra fun to open – I bet that’s one of the best parts of their job! Did your waitress/waiter notice that you guys were having an extra special breakfast?! Haha. Can’t wait to keep reading more! Grow baby girl grow!!

  6. So excited that you’re having a baby girl!! I love the announcement picture! I can understand wanting to find out the gender privately. I don’t know how people do those gender reveal parties (unless they already know beforehand). I was wanting a girl so badly and I was upset when I found out I was having a boy…. And tears of sadness wouldn’t be the right reaction at all at a gender reveal party! (Even though now I can’t imagine wanting anyone other than my sweet little man… And I can anyways try again for a girl!) And the worrying, I’m afraid, will. not. ever. stop. 😉

  7. YAY!!!! Congrats on baby GIRL! Such a fun journey and only more sweet moments to come! So happy for you! And sushi was the hardest for me to because I love sushi!!!!

  8. I appreciate anyone’s use of a pie chart to discuss other food. I also appreciate pie. But that’s a sidenote. So, SO excited about Little Miss Pierce! You are going to be the best mama!

  9. Sooooo excited for you!!! :)
    I’ve never been a huge fan of deli meat, but when I gave it up during pregnancy, I craved it! Like, I would have killed for a deli sandwich from Subway. LOL!! There’s something about NOT being able to eat something that makes a girl really want it. ;)

  10. Congrats on your GIRL!!! I love that you guys decided to find out privately together…such a sweet idea. And I know I would miss sushi like crazy if I had to give it up. And soft cheese. And maybe even lunch meat!

  11. Congrats Amy!! I had no idea about the deli meat thing until one of my close friends got pregnant. Really who would know that. One of my friends so hard-core craved sushi the whole time she was pregnant that her husband brought here sushi to the hospital after she delivered. Of course she wasn’t exactly in the mood for sushi at that point. Maybe wait a day or two :)

  12. congrats amy! i heard the girl annoucement on instagram, but i love reading the details :) also, runny yolks were my top craving because i managed my love for sushi by eating the veggie rolls :)

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