Stitch Fix bliss part II.

My second Stitch Fix experience found me to be as willing a participant as the first.  I kept all five pieces they sent me to try on, because, once again, it would have cost more money to send back the one item that I was on the fence about and lose out on the 25% discount for buying it all.  Economics aren’t my strong suit, but I know I came out ahead.  wink wink

Item 1:  A basic grey maternity t-shirt with ruching on each side.  I liked the price, I liked the shirt, and I liked that it is a staple I can wear now and grow into it later. (Sidenote:  the jeans are from my first Stitch Fix box.  I love them even more now than I did then.)


Item 2:  Grey and pink striped tank top.  It’s light and perfect for summer.  The loose fit will also – hopefully – allow for a little expansion through the midsection.  Meanwhile, Rue kept a close guard on the back balcony.


Item 3:  Teal sleeveless blouse.  Pardon the wrinkles – strictly the poor lighting and photo quality, I assure you, and not the fact that the shirt sat wadded up in the Stitch Fix box following my first perusal of the goods.  This is the one item that I was on the fence about.  It’s not my typical style.  But it’s loose, will be good for the summer months, and it wasn’t worth losing out on the discount to send it back.  And who knows… Much like my least favorite shirt in the first box, I’ll probably wear this one more than I thought I would initially.


Item 4:  Tribal-type pattern skirt.  I love this one.  Maxi skirts are a win in general and the colors and pattern are great.  Also, first bambino bump picture on the blog?  Perhaps.


Item 5:  Three extra long layering camis in white, black, and nude.  Classic!  Practical!  The material is fantastic.  I know I’ll get a ton of wear out of these.  I’m a fan.


And that’s the box.  I’m really pleased with Stitch Fix yet again.

I am not being paid or compensated in any way to write about how I keep everything that Stitch Fix sends me.   

Do you buy more clothes online or in the store? 


13 thoughts on “Stitch Fix bliss part II.

  1. Excellent items. I think those long camis are probably going to be very useful! I ordered some myself the other day when I noticed my belly peeking out of my shirt!

  2. The teal shirt is really cute, so I’m glad you kept it! And you can never EVER have too many camis in various colors. I still can’t do the Stitch Fix thing because I still think it’s way too expensive, but it’s great when you love everything in the box! You did get some cute stuff.

  3. That skirt…!! *swoon* Gosh, it’s pretty. As is everything else. And your lil bump is adorable!
    The top you’re not loving looks beautiful on you! I predict you will wear it lots. ;-)

  4. I LOVE all of these on you! Absolutely adorable! And, Girl, you are rocking that bitty baby bump! :) Awwww, you’re preggo! I’m giddy with excitement for you. Ha, ha. :)

  5. These clothes are SO cute! You’re making me want to join Stitch Fix! I really like the shirt that you only sorta like… It looks cute on you! And YAY for your adorable little belly bump!

  6. Love all those items! The skirt and the grey ruched shirt are my fav!
    I have a bad habit of buy a ton of stuff online and then it either going totally awesome and I love everything, or totally terrible because I clearly misjudged my size. Sometimes I will go to a store, try items on to confirm my size, and then by online later when they have huge online sales. So much extra effort though!

  7. I can’t buy clothes online, they never work for me. Which is sad because I hate shopping in store. HA. These all look so cute on you with that tiny bump!

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