Telling him.


I took a pregnancy test when I was home for lunch one day and it was positive.  Immediately I felt like my body and mind were moving in slow motion or zero gravity.  Then I started thinking about how to tell Kevin.  Eventually the idea hit me and I knew that I had to tell Kevin about the baby in the same way that he had introduced the idea of a proposal to me.  When Kevin proposed (engagement story here), he made me the sweetest book that compiled memories from our first few years together with an invite to start the next chapter in our story. Thanks to Shutterfly I had a book completed and ordered within 30 minutes.  The only problem?  My shipment was expected to arrive in SIX DAYS.

At first I was optimistic.  Waiting six days to tell him will be a breeze, says I.  That’s not even a week.

I made it until about 8:00 AM the following morning.  Then I just couldn’t wait any longer and really, was it fair to wait?  After all, it’s his baby too!  Was I bad mother and wife by keeping this secret??  As I walked upstairs after breakfast Rue shot by me like a rocket and then threw herself on the floor at my feet, causing me to do a little hop skip and a jump to avoid stepping on her.  (She does that all the time.)  I decided that was a great opening and pulled the Ziploc bag with the pregnancy test out of a drawer.  Kevin was washing his face or brushing his teeth or something (details, details).  I told Rue, “You’re going to have to stop that, kitten.  My belly’s going to be growing and I won’t be able to see you,” as I set the bag/test down on the counter near the sink.  Kevin looked at it, registered what it was, and his face just lit up.

“Look at you – being all cool,” he said.

Like my knees weren’t shaking and my eyes weren’t welling up with tears.  Yeah, that’s me.  Cool.

And five days later, he got his book.

When you had big news to share, how did you tell the most important person?


15 thoughts on “Telling him.

  1. Love you! AND I Love that he loves you like you deserve! You’re going to be awesome parents. PS saying you love comments like you love macaroni loves cheese makes me think of Wild Noodles macaroni and cheese!!!!

  2. I totally didn’t know this story! I love it. LOVE it. And you waiting the almost 24 hours to tell Kevin beats me. You know how I told Ty? I screamed from the bathroom “You need to get in here. YOU NEED TO GET IN HERE RIGHT NOW!” Romantic, no?

    And now, Kayla’s comment makes me want Wild Noodles. Gah. So good.

  3. Waiting SIX days would have been impossible. That’s crazy talk. Waiting an entire day is beyond impressive! I would be like Tiffany, yelling from the bathroom as soon as the second line starts to appear. The book is a wonderful idea, I’m glad it arrived!

  4. Oh my gosh. I didn’t even try to think of something cute to do. I walked out of the bathroom, sat down next to him on the couch, and shoved the stick in his face. Then I said, “I need to lie down.” There is no way I would have even been able to wait until the next day! That book idea is super cute. I’m sure you guys will love having it!

  5. Ahh! I love this!! I know there’s no way I could wait 6 days to tell Christopher news like that so I totally understand! I think it’s adorable that you were so casual about it. Like “oh hey, this giant thing is about to change our lives… no biggie…” ;) And that pic of you two – adorbs!

  6. I was wondering how many pregnancy test boxes you had stored at home for lunch breaks???I love you so much and love the story.

  7. Haha! I think just making it a day was impressive! The women that have the patience to plan a big reveal – more power to them :P You should have told shutterfly what you were doing and maybe they would have thrown in overnight shipping for free?! :P

  8. I don’t think I’ve ever had news that big! I guess the closest would be telling my family when I got engaged. I just called my mom up, cried, and told her. The rest of my sibblings, aunts, etc. got a lame old text message. I’m not much for big build ups, they just stress me out, too much pressure. I like simple and straight forward. Your cute little commentary though sounds like the perfect subtle hint hint, nudge nudge!

  9. Awwwww!!!!!! I haven’t had the time to read blogs in days, and yours is the first I pulled up (as I’m hoping to catch up on them today). AND this is the first post I read. And I am just sitting here feeling ecstatic for you!
    Being a mommy is THE greatest adventure you will ever experience! :) Seriously!! Yeah, it’s busy and exhausting (and there will be a day or two that you’ll think, “Wow, I’m going to die.”)! Ha, ha. But that’s all normal! And even in the midst of it, you wouldn’t change it, because it’s all so wonderful, amazing, and happy! :)
    Seriously, SO happy for you both, and I can’t wait to read about the newest addition to your family once he / she arrives. This is so exciting!! :)

  10. This is THE CUTEST story! I can’t imagine waiting to tell my husband! It may just be because Justin and I were trying to have a baby for so long, but he was right there with me when I took the test. In fact, I made him look at the stick while I covered my eyes–I was too nervous that it would be a negative!

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