Europe by the numbers.


Length of trip:  10 days

Number of flights: 4
Albuquerque to Atlanta, Atlanta to Amsterdam, Paris to Atlanta, Atlanta to Albuquerque.

Total steps per FitBit’s calculations:  155,988

…for a total of…

66 miles walked

Museums visited:  5
Amsterdam:  Anne Frank Museum and Rijksmuseum
Paris:  Musee de l’Armee, the Louve, and Versailles

Churches visited:  3
Bruges:  Basilica of the Holy Blood and Church of Our Lady
Paris:  Chapel in Hotel National des Invalides

Fries eaten:  769
Because this is important, let’s break it down further…
Belgium fries – 358
French fries – 411
(Kevin preferred French fries; Amy preferred Belgium fries.)

Total number of train rides (excluding tram and metro systems):  6
Amsterdam to Antwerp, Antwerp to Bruges, Bruges to Brussels, Brussels to Paris, Paris to Versailles, Versailles to Paris

Total number of train rides (including tram and metro systems):  47 (approximately)

Number of times we felt lost:  2
Once when we first arrived in Amsterdam and were riding a bus for an hour to get to our apartment.
And once when we were searching for the Red Light District in Amsterdam.  We’re clearly not the pot-smoking, prostitute-seeking sort because we couldn’t even find the center of all that madness with a map.

Number of accommodations:  3
AirBnB in Amsterdam – 4 stars
Hotel de Tuilerieen in Bruges – 5 stars
AirBnB in Paris – 4 stars

Pages filled in travel journal:  44
We alternated recapping the days in a travel journal – it will be a fun keepsake in the years to come.  I’m crediting the idea to my pal Rach at This Italian Family.  When she and her husband traveled to Italy last year (or the year before?), they kept a journal together.

Days spent recovering from jetlag:  2
In Albuquerque after we’d returned home.  Ain’t nobody got time for jet lag at the beginning of a trip.

Canal boat tours taken:  2
One in Amsterdam which was a total joke with commentary along the lines of, “Ahead you will see an old, skinny bridge.”  And that’s all.  (SO MANY QUESTIONS.  How old?  Why so skinny?  Who built it? Tell me more, recorded English voice!)
One in Bruges, which was very well done and informative.

More details to come in future posts!


21 thoughts on “Europe by the numbers.

  1. Favorite part, “We’re clearly not the pot-smoking, prostitute-seeking sort because we couldn’t even find the center of all that madness with a map”. You are awesome!

  2. Cannot wait!!!!

    I’m torn on the pommes frites favoritism. I’m gonna have to go with French. I had the best fries of my life in Paris! You guys didn’t have fries in the Netherlands? They get drenched in a mayo-like condiment.

  3. I laughed about the skinny old bridge. We did a tour like that in Paris. Ours was pretty informative, and made us want to go back for another visit (because we couldn’t fit everything that we saw on the tour into the days we were there).

  4. Welcome back! Can’t wait to hear more about your trip, I’m sure you had a grand time! How fortunate to have a husband who also enjoys writing, your travel journal will be such a treasure for years to come. Respect on your miles walked, that’s 2.5 marathons or 5 half-marathons! Numbers can be fun.

  5. Ahh! You’re back! I love the pictures you’ve shared so far on Instagram (and this one!) and I can’t wait to see more! And hear more stories! You guys walked SO much! How did your feet hold up?

    I’m glad you guys kept a travel journal! I’m SO glad that we have ours to look back through! It’s fun reliving the memories we wouldn’t have remembered otherwise. Fun, fun, fun! :)

  6. Haha I love this first recap!!! :) I’m on Fitbit too – can we be friends?! Though I’m glad we weren’t while you were doing all that walking around Europe :P Can’t wait to hear more!!!

  7. I want to hear more!! You guys did a lot in 10 days! I wish we had our fitbits to see how much we walked on some of our trips, I was just thinking about that the other day :) I liked fries in both Belgium and French….the winning factor for me was curry ketchup in Belgium.

  8. i’m desperate for the future posts!! yes the french fries are a great stat, but i wanna see pics and hear about all the goodness that must have transpired if you filled *44* pages with thoughts/adventures :)

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