5 years, yo.

Elliott's April 2010

Today is the fifth anniversary of my first date with the most wonderful gent in the universe.  My last first date.  What better time would there be to share the story?  Answer:  there is no better time.  So here it is.  It’s a bit of a novel, so grab a cuppa something and a snack.

{Sidenote:  I have this nagging feeling that I’ve told this story before, but I’m too lazy to go search the archives for it.  If I can’t remember for certain that this epic story has been documented, I’m guessing you won’t remember either.  Alas, if you do, feel free to roll your eyes and read no further.}

I actually met Kevin years before our first date.  My best friend and college roommate, Tiffany, went to law school with him.  I first met him during their third (I think) year of law school when I went with Tiff to the law school Halloween party in 2008.  I was Holly Golightly.  The election year had inspired Kevin and a friend of his to team up on their costumes – his friend was Obama, Kevin was McCain.

Following that initial introduction, I saw Kevin out and about at a few other social shindigs that Tiff let me tag along on, but we probably only exchanged a dozen words in a few years time.  After one outing I added him as a friend on Facebook.  A few months later I was feeling ruthless about my friend count and did a Facebook friend list cleanse, deleting him because I didn’t really know him well.

Then on Friday, April 2, 2010, Tiff, Kevin, a law school friend of theirs, and myself went out to a bar to watch a band that we’d never heard of play.  None of us were/are “bar people” or the “going out” sort, so it really was a matter of stars aligning and so forth that this happened.  Kevin was just getting over a bad bout of spring allergies, he’d moved into a new house on March 20, and he’d been out of town all week with the judge that he was clerking for at the time.  He was tempted to stay home.  Fortunately, he didn’t.

We met up at Tiff’s house before going out and it was decided that Kevin and the other guy would drive together and Tiff and I would drive together.  As we were leaving Tiff’s house, I told her, “Kevin’s really cute!  You should go for him.”

At the bar we found a table, ordered some drinks, and started chatting.  Kevin and I just clicked.  Midway through the night, I told Tiff, “So…umm, Kevin’s really cute.  If you’re not going to go for him…can I?”

The four of us made a quick run through the McDonald’s drive-thru before splitting up for the night.  Later, Tiff sent Kevin a text with my phone number and the instructions to “use it.”

The following afternoon, Kevin shared his plans to break in his new grill with a steak, and Tiff and I crashed the party.  Don’t worry – we brought our own steaks.  It was very relaxed and Tiff proclaimed that we were destined for each other when she noticed that his spice drawer and his closet were each organized in a similar fashion to my spice drawer and my closet.

He called me the following night to ask me out.  We made plans for him to pick me up on Wednesday, April 7, and I wowed him with my driving-direction-giving-skills with this gem of a statement.  “So then you’ll come to a stop sign – just go through it.  Well, I mean, pause for three seconds and look in all directions, but then go straight.”  Safety first.

Follow up on Facebook – I added him back around this time and he said, “I thought we were already friends….”  And I had to sheepishly admit that he hadn’t made a previous cut.

He picked me up promptly on Wednesday and took me to my favorite Thai restaurant.  He ordered mango chicken (Tiff called and yelled at him about that – she said it was a sissy meal.) and I found out later that he’d deliberately scanned the menu for something that didn’t have garlic.  Because…first date and he’s considerate.  I, on the other hand, didn’t think twice about ordering the garlic and mushroom pork.  BUT I had gum in my purse and used it after the meal, so maybe I’m not a complete first date failure.

Isn’t it funny to think back on life changing events and remember how good it was without really remembering word-for-word conversation details?  I remember we talked and laughed and had an amazing time, but I can’t recall specifics.  I do remember knowing from the start that this guy was special and that I should hang on to him.  So I did, and fortunately, he hung on to me too.

Are you good at remembering details from big events?  What was your best first date?


20 thoughts on “5 years, yo.

  1. Sigh. One of my two favorite meeting stories. I mean, seriously. It was just meant to be. So glad I could be a part of it. Kinda sorry for yelling at Kevin for his order. One part that you left out (maybe didn’t know) is that when Kevin arrived at my condo, he wasn’t sure exactly which one was mine. Fortunately for him, the Notre Dame game was on tv and he heard me screaming at the tv. Everything aligned just perfectly.

  2. Oh my gosh! Thank you for sharing! I didn’t know the story but I’m glad I do now! :) So cute!

    What ever happened to the friend in the photo?

    Share more! Share more!

    PS – John and I are six weeks away from hitting “5 years since our first date.” We are waaaay behind you. We might never catch up. Not that I’m comparing (well, I’m trying not to), just saying you are very fortunate :)

  3. I love this! It sounds like the stars really did align for you guys both to be at that bar that night. :) You guys are such a good match for each other! I know what you mean about remembering that a night was fun, but not remembering all the specific details. I’m like that too. A couple of nights ago Christopher and I were reminiscing about our first couple of years dating and it was hilarious. There were so many things we had forgotten about until we started talking about it.

  4. Hahaha ah I love that you un-friended him on Facebook and told your friend at first to go after him! It’s so funny to think about those little moments and luckily ,they changed :) I only remember a few details of the big events but wished I could remember more! I honestly can’t remember if Peter and I had a first date but that was high school :P

  5. Such a sweet memory! It’s so funny that you knew Kevin for awhile, just never clicked. It was the same for Justin and me! We knew each other through mutual friends when we were in college, but we never really became friends until our junior year. We started dating at the end of our junior year of college through our senior year, when we got engaged. It’s so funny the way that the timing works out on those things!

  6. What a fun story! Makes me wanna write about our first date!! Lol. I like the part where your friend gives him your number and instructions to “use it” haha! You two are so meant to be! <3

  7. So cute! I love your love story. Similarly organized spice drawer and closet – you guys truly are meant for each other! I’m impressed that he deliberately ordered a dish without garlic, what a smart guy! That would never occur to me… thankfully, there’s gum.

  8. This post is adorable! I love hearing the real tales of ppls love coming together! And don’t worry, I can’t wait for it to be told again!
    I’m only good with a few specific details, and the rest is blurry. I mostly remember how I felt in the moments or during the adventures.

  9. Ha! That stop sign thing is awesome. I actually got pulled over by a cop once for “rolling” a stop sign. I promptly burst into tears, and he let me off the hook. Now I stop FULLY at all signs. Ain’t nobody got $$ for a ticket.

  10. definitely my first time hearing this story, and i gotta say – i love how natural it all seems. just the two of you, going about life and doing what you do, and realizing that you’re meant to be together. what could be better?

  11. Aw I love first date stories! And I love that your friend knew you two were a good match because of his spice drawer. Haha!

    Also in response to how Amy Poehlers book is…if you like and know the SNL cast it is interesting. I had no idea how much went into improv, but she cusses pretty frequently and refers to taking drugs, etc so it’s not my favorite read, but it is interesting..

  12. I LOVE this story. And thank YOU for helping align my perfect meeting with my perfect gent. If you hadn’t been visiting that weekend, I shudder to think how horribly different my life would be. When it’s meant to be, it has a funny way of just being… Xoxo.

  13. First of all, I absolutely hate it when I can’t remember whether or not I shared a story already on my blog! LOL! I have totally done that as well.
    But for the record, I don’t remember this story, so I think you’re safe. ;) I love this story so much! Thank you for sharing! I love reading about how people have met / ultimately fallen in love!

  14. This story is so cute! I love it. Kevin is just adorable, not gettting anything with garlic at the restaurant. And LOL at deleting him off of your friends on FB! The stop sign comment had me cracking up, too. Safety first ;)

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  16. I had to follow the link on your latest post and read this story! I love it!! Such sweet memories<3 It's seems like I was a different person back when I went on my first date with my husband!

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