We be Jam{berry}in’.

My friend Danielle has raved about Jamberry Nails for awhile now.  She likes them so much that she became an official consultant for the product!  Recently she asked me if I wanted to try them out and I jumped at the chance.  The sample kit arrived in the mail and I made good use of that snow day last weekend to have a little Jamberry party.


Look at those fun patterns and colors!  That’s just the tip of the fingernail iceberg, my friends.  The catalog is full of options, suitable for any holiday or occasion.  My personal favorite?  This classy rose gold.

There are step-by-step instructions for application and the process was easy to follow.  All you need is a hair dryer or some other method of heat to flex up the nail wrap and some scissors to trim the excess wrap.  I found a pair of nail clippers to be very helpful to the final trim process.  In less than half the time I would have spent in the salon for a manicure, I had fun nails.


Scanning the website, a set of wraps is around $15.00 so I also scored these fun nails for half the price of a professional manicure.  The wraps hold up well to everyday life and last around two weeks.  I do tend to pick at my cuticles (terrible habit, I know) so I found myself fighting the temptation to pull at the wraps the following day…maybe regular use will save my cuticles from abuse?

I definitely recommend checking out the product!  Danielle’s Jamberry Nail consultant page can be found here – she’s a great resource if you have questions!  There are wonderful deals, like order three sets and get one free, host a party to score free wraps, etc.

I received this sample kit for free from my friend but am not being compensated in any other way for this review.  All opinions are my own.

Do you like to have pretty nails?  Are you a manicure person?  What is your favorite wrap on the Jamberry website


12 thoughts on “We be Jam{berry}in’.

  1. I love the design on your pinky!

    If someone would apply Jamberry wraps FOR me, I’d wear them. My friend did it once for me (sprinkles all the way!) and they lasted two weeks and I freakin loved ’em. Super fun! But I don’t have the interest or patience to sit there and apply them myself.

    Are you ordering the rose gold? Or something else?? What did Kevin think?

  2. I just recently heard of Jamberry! My friend had the cutest pattern on her nails… turns out it was Jamberry and she swears by them vs. getting acrylic nails! I definitely need to give them a go because one of my goals for 2015 is to take care of my nails :)

  3. A Jamberry rep tried to get me on board one time, but she only sent me a two-nail (leopard print!) sample, so I didn’t want to try it. I am not a big nail polish person anyways–at least on my fingers. My toes are ALWAYS painted. I like your crazy nails, though! It’s a neat alternative to regular polish.

  4. Your post titles are always spot on! So clever and funny. I have been very intrigued by the concept of stick-on nails, it seems like such a quick and efficient way to do your nails. And so fun, too! I obviously love the peacock feather ones, but my nails are so short that I’m afraid only half of the feather would fit on them haha

  5. So cute! I’ve never tried these nails, but I have heard of them… I need to try it out someday. :) I like that they last around 2 weeks (and also that they are applied without the odor of nail polish. I appreciate that, especially now that I’m mom)! :)
    I love all the samples you tried out!!

  6. I’ve been wanting to try Jamberry for awhile! I love the ones you chose, and the rose gold is so classy! I weirdly LOVED all the ones in the kids section; I don’t know what that says about me ;-) HA!

  7. yesterday i got my first manicure/pedicure in 6 months – i always go without for a good long while, and then i’m shocked how good/nice/wonderful it is to sit in the salon and let them do what they will. my sister, however, swears by jamberry nails — i’m gonna have to try it!

  8. I hardly ever, ever paint my nails. I do enjoy getting manis and pedis for special occasions, but I just don’t paint my own. I’m terrible at it. So Jamberry might be something I should try. Love your nails. So cute!

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