Stitch fix bliss.

You’ve heard of Stich Fix, right?  I’m late to the party, but I finally threw myself onto the bandwagon.  And I’m sold.  It is fun – like big-mug-of-hot-chocolate-on-Christmas-morning-and-it’s-snowing-outside fun.  {Hey, I know how to have a good time.}

First step – fill out a questionnaire on the Stitch Fix website.

Second step – schedule a delivery.

Third step – tear into the box of five items that arrives on the doorstep, specially chosen for you by your stylist.

Fourth step – try on all the items and decide what to keep.

Fifth step – keep them all.

Maybe that fifth step is just me.  I don’t really have a go-to “style” – bohemian, classic, preppy…I like them all.  Which probably makes me Stitch Fix’s dream client.  Kevin rues the day that I decided to sign up for this bottomless pit of clothes and money, I’m sure.  But even he admitted that all the items were worth keeping.  And keeping all 5 pieces meant that I saved 25% on the total price.  I didn’t want to lose money on this deal…   There’s probably a team of statisticians on staff at Stitch Fix.  They have developed some kind of magic formula for the exact combination of variable prices that will result in it being most economical to keep all the items.  I loved the dress.  I loved the jeans.  I loved the scarf.  I loved the cardigan.  I liked the shirt.  The price was right to keep the shirt and get the 25% off rather than sending back one item and losing out on that discount.  Fascinating math.

What’s that?  You want pictures?  Well, you’re in luck because I played fashion shoot with a full length mirror and an iPhone.  #shootforthestars

The dress:  it was love at first try-on.  It’s this really pretty bird pattern to which – shockingly – my high quality photos don’t do justice. For your viewing pleasure, I paired it with black Born Crown boots and winter white legs.


The jeans: they’re great.  I wear jeans 7 out of 7 days most weeks, so these will get a lot of time in the game. Shirt is J. Crew and black cat is Rue (and adorable).


The cardigan and scarf: staples and so versatile.  I wear a lot of dark blue and I’m always cold, so these layering pieces are right up my closet.  Jeans are American Eagle, boots are Bucco, and green shirt is Target’s finest.


The shirt: I was uncertain at first – but I’ve worn this shirt more than any of the other items since I got a box a few weeks ago, so now I’m glad I kept it.  Paired here with old J. Crew cords, striped flats from Ideeli (also old), and a Charming Charlie necklace.  It’s lightweight and very forgiving – I bet you can’t even tell that I just ate a {large} handful {or two} of Thin Mints.


My next Fix arrives in May because I exercised an enormous amount of self-discipline and signed up for the every-three-months option.

Interested in trying Stitch Fix yourself?  Click here {full disclosure:  that link will show that I referred you and I earn credit on the site}.

What is your signature style?  Do you shop online, in the store, or some combination of both to stock your closet? 


18 thoughts on “Stitch fix bliss.

  1. All your stuff is cuuuute! But here’s the thing: Stitch Fix is way too expensive for me. Like, okay if you like it all you get 25% off, but the majority of bloggers who share their box don’t like all 5 items, so there goes that. And most of the stuff I’ve seen blogged about is just too expensive anyway. But let’s also realize I’d just much rather spend my blow $ on running stuff ;) I’m really glad you had success! That scarf and cardigan combo is right up my alley. My once-a-year outlet mall spree tides me over for all of my shopping urges.

  2. I love all of these! I tried stitch fix about a year ago and I had a bad experience but these clothes are so cute it makes me want to give it a second chance! That dress is my favorite!

  3. Wait a second… a pair of jeans sent to you in the mail FIT?? That was the most amazing thing to me about this post. I love your shirt that you were skeptical about! Stitch Fix looks like a lot of fun.

  4. The shirt and scarf are my favorites. Gosh you are gorgeous!

    How do you feel about the prices of the items? Reasonable, a little high, or…?

    If I had a style, it would be Ellen DeGeneres with pops of color. Instead of having a clothing style, I just spend money on shoes and the gym. Ugh. When I get a hot bod, maybe I’ll splurge for an Ellen style :)

  5. I have never heard of Stitch Fix until you mentioned it here! It sounds so fun, but probably a little pricey for this bargain shopper! (REALLY bargain, as in, I just got my “fix” this weekend by going to Plato’s Closet and trading in a bunch of clothes that I never wear to get a few “new to me” pieces.) But this looks so fun! I clicked your link to explore the website, and I see that they sell giftcards, so I might think about doing this as a gift for my mom to thank her for all that she does!

  6. that dress is some kind of perfect – and the flowy top you aren’t so sure about? my favorite. i love forgiving flowy styles :) i wish there was something similar for maternity — i struggle to buy clothes that i know will (hopefully) only fit a little while longer….

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  9. Hi. So fun that you kept the whole box! I love that cardigan! Can you please tell me the brand so I can request it in my next Fix? Thanks! :)

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