Five things you don’t know about me.


1. See that ^^.  Kevin and I have spent the past few years building a rubber band ball and we’re pretty proud of it.

2. At any given time, I have 3 to 5 half-empty (or are they half-full…?) water bottles in my car.  I don’t know where they come from or what they want from me.  They just kind of…appear in the center console cup holders and stashed in the door cubbies.   Then one day I glance down and there are five of them, scattered around the car.

3. I avoided mushrooms for years when I was a child, claiming that I was allergic to them.  Now I love mushrooms.

4. Moscato is the only wine I’ll drink.  I don’t care how “sweet” you claim a Riesling or any other wine is – it’s not syrupy enough for me.  I’m not drinking any wine now though because I have officially given up all beverages except water for the duration of Lent-time.  That means no lattes – no mini-bottles of Moscato or salt-rimmed glasses of margarita – no hot sugar with tea – no fizz of a diet beverage – will be passing my lips until Easter morning.  The caffeine headache in my brain is lamenting that this was a biiiiig mistake, but strong I will remain.

5. I love flossing my teeth.  You had no idea I was such a fun person, right?  But there is really nothing quite like some mint flavored dental floss to bring a smile to my face.  It just feels so…clean.

Tell me something I don’t know about you. 


18 thoughts on “Five things you don’t know about me.

  1. You are brave to give up wine for Lent! I gave it up last year and it was so hard to do! I decided that I would forego sweets this year instead. As a choco-holic, it’s been pretty tough so far haha

  2. Haha! “I don’t know where they came from, or what they want from me.” That made me laugh out loud! Those caffeine headaches are pretty awful. Should be gone soon enough, go you! :)

  3. What! These are fun!! We share #3, although I didn’t claim to be allergic. That is either impressive or a low point for you. ha! We also share #5 but I like the clean feeling more than the actual flossing.

    What can I tell you about myself that you don’t already know? Hmm… I thought long and hard about this and determined that you already know a lot. ha. So something not all that exciting: I took four years of Spanish in high school and remember a lot. I took two semesters of Italian in college and remember very little, probably because I relied on my knowledge of Spanish instead of actually learning Italian. Bummer :(

  4. I am the same as you with the water bottles. Sometimes I find them under the seats, and I have no idea how they got there…. :)

    Hmmm, I’m not sure of everything I’ve shared, but I was a pescatarian in my junior and senior years of high school. I didn’t eat red meat or chicken.

  5. Do you ever use the rubber bands from the rubber band ball or just keep adding to it?? Haha I was just talking to my boss tonight about how much I can’t do sweet syrupy wines :P To each our own!

  6. Super fun! These are all very interesting things. I’d like something next to the rubber band ball for size comparison next time :) I have the same problem with glasses of water around our house! It’s like that scene from the movie Signs.

  7. No coffee, no wine? You are a stronger person than I will ever be. Respect!
    The flossing I get,the syrupy sweet wine I don’t. Moscato is too much! Have you ever tried a Liebfrauenmilch? It’s a sweet German wine, you may like it! Give it a try for Easter dinner :-)

  8. So funny about the water bottles because that is so me!!! I’m always like what, where’d that one come from?! Haha. And I’m impressed you are only drinking water for a while. I love waTer but get bored with it.

  9. My husband builds those rubber band balls alllllllll the time! We’re in the middle of packing to move and I found about 5 of them all in random places throughout the house!
    Something you don’t know about me: I have a compulsive habit of ripping up those paper coasters when I’m out at restaurants! It’s terrible ’cause I used to be a waitress and so I know how annoying it is to clean up the mess, but I just simply cannot resist the urge!

  10. the rubber band ball is impressive! what a fun thing to be consistently working at. i wonder how big it’s gonna get? also.. i’m the same with with water cups – they mostly pile up around my bed and all over my bathroom. there just comes a time when i’m in the kitchen and wonder what’s become of all the cups? oh that’s right…

  11. That is a nifty rubberband ball! I’m also a sweet-drink only kinda girl. Anything super fruity and sugary! We went to a wine tasting at a vineyard in Pennsylvania once, and I used the list to pick the sweetest wine they had–a peach flavored one. Everyone else thought it was gross, but it was the only one that was sweet enough for me! I guess something you might not know about me is that I am a “smeller.” Not to say that I smell bad, but I have a really STRONG sense of smell. I can smell what Justin ate for lunch when he comes home from work, and I can smell a dead skunk on the highway miles before anyone else in the car. It’s a gift and a curse. :-P

  12. I totally wish I had your flossing ways… Ha, ha! I haven’t flossed in weeks (maybe months?) and I have a dentist appointment on Tuesday. So I’m kind of terrified that I’ll have a million and one cavities.
    Hmmmm, something that you don’t know about me? I’m terrified of going to the dentist.
    Yeah, I should have flossed. LOL!

  13. My Ghiddu (grandpa) had a rubber band ball and I’ve always wanted to make one too!!!

    I was the same with mushrooms and also with dark green vegetables!!! I’m glad I love them now!

    I don’t drink wine, but I love cooking with it!

    I actually enjoy flossing my teeth too! I don’t do it too much because I don’t think that’s actually good, but I always enjoy it when I do! :)

    ps- Can I get your email address?

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