Tuning in.


^^ Flo and Claire Underwood, circa 2014.

I don’t watch much TV, but when I do, I’m pretty committed to a routine.  Here are a few things that I (and Kevin) have been watching recently and a few shows that I’m excited about.

On Mondays we watch Fashion Police.  And then Better Call Saul.  Kevin is a good sport and sits through Fashion Police with me.  He laughs at the inappropriate comments and doesn’t hate the hour too much.  FP is immediately followed by Better Call Saul, a spinoff from Breaking Bad (which we loved).  So far, three episodes in, we’re enjoying it!  It’s not as heavy as Breaking Bad, for which I’m grateful.

We catch the new Big Bang Theory each Thursday and watch reruns of the show whenever we can.  Reruns of Friends and The Office are also a pretty regular occurrence.

I’m excited to welcome a second Kevin back into our lives soon – Kevin Spacey, that is.  House of Cards is back in late February and I. can’t. wait.  What political games can we expect in Season 3?

Mad Men – the end of an era, as the kids are saying – comes back for the second half of its seventh season on Easter.  No one at AMC asked me, but I was and still am very opposed to the split they did for that final season.  Breaking Bad could get away with that – Mad Men…not so much.  It just didn’t have the momentum to keep me excited for months, waiting for the second half of the season.  I must say – I’m ready for Mad Men to end.  I’ve enjoyed the show, but it’s time for some Don Draper resolution.

I am excited to start Parenthood, now that it’s over.  Don’t worry – I’ll keep a box of tissue close.  I’ve heard every episode is a tearjerker.

Another show I’m excited to dive into is Downton Abbey as well.  With any luck, I’ll immerse myself and emerge with a British accent.

What are you watching?  Any shows you’re excited for this spring? 


12 thoughts on “Tuning in.

  1. We also just started watching Better Call Saul–we just watched the first episode online last night. It was interesting…I don’t think I’ll like it as much as Breaking Bad, but I’ll give it a shot! Not that I’m trying to get you to add shows to your list, but I LOVE the show Jane the Virgin. I wasn’t sure I would–the title really threw me off. But it is really good! A young girl who is a virgin who goes to the doctor for an exam and accidentally gets artificially inseminated…done in the style of a Spanish telenovella. Full of drama! And comedy. I love it! I also plan to start watching Parenthood now that it’s ending…that way I can watch as many episodes in a row as I want!

  2. We have such similar taste in TV! I am excited about Better Call Saul, too. I watched the first two episodes and am excited to get Eric into it. That won’t be hard. We loved Breaking Bad so much. I am also looking forward to House of Cards, and Mad Men. Unlike you, I am not ready for Mad Men to end. I am glad it will have a resolution and not run on forever, but I am just dying to know how they resolve. Mad Men is one of my favs of all time. Downton Abbey is sooo good. But I feel like we should talk after you watch a few seasons…

  3. You know I had to chime in on this one! Mad Men – I’m 100% with you on the delay. They shouldn’t have done it. I’m a fan from way back, one of the few people I know who actually watched season 1 when it aired and was aware that it originally opened with an Amy Winehouse song. Yes it did! But even my intense fandom has been challenged. You’ll love Downton Abbey – it’s awesome. You might also want to try Nurse Jackie – it’s seriously GREAT, and what I am very much into right now because the disks just came out for season 6 on Netflix. Parenthood is awesome, I wish Netflix would get on the ball about releasing it more regularly. You would also like Six Feet Under, which is all said and done now too. And of course I’m all geared up for Orange is the New Black to come back – LOVE that show.

  4. Parenthood is so great! I am on season 7 of Friends and rewatching Grey’s. If I need an ego and my life is better than that boost, I watch The Game and The Bachelor. I also love Once Upon a Time and Hart of Dixie :)

  5. better call saul! we’re loving it – and, like you, i’m glad it’s a little less heavy than BB. saul was my favorite part of BB, and so all signs point to this show being a keeper. also, house of cards starts in a week! eek!

  6. Yes to friends and the office reruns!! I tried to watch Parenthood, but I couldn’t get on board with Lauren Graham not being Lorelai Gilmore. I can’t deal with change, haha. Mad men is one that I would like to sit down at watch from the beginning!

  7. We watch the Blacklist, Constantine, and Modern Family together. We love Big Bang Theory re-runs too (and they are frequently on our TV). I personally watch The Originals and Forever. I guess I’m going through a Sci-Fi phase…ha!

  8. Oh my gosh, I love Big Bang Theory and I literally come home every day and watch the Friends re-runs on TBS. We are into Downton Abbey also! It’s one of my absolute favorites! My husband Mike actually seems to enjoy it too. Other than that, we recently started watching Empire. Mike picked this one and so far it’s kept my interest so we’ll see!

  9. I am expecting a British accent by the time I see you in June. ;) Downton is definitely a solid! I love that show. And you already know that we love Big Bang Theory! And I can’t go wrong with an episode of friends or The Office. Currently I’m rewatching all the Gilmore Girl episodes from beginning to end. I’ve never seen them all in order before and I’m loving it. Which is funny because I already know that I don’t like a lot of things about how the show ends. But I’m still watching it. ;)

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