A sweetheart sweekend.

I have decided that Valentine’s Day should always be on a Saturday.  Really – everyone wins.  It would save single people the effort of rolling their eyes at the flower/chocolate/teddy bear deliveries to the workplace and couples could spend the entire day gazing at each other in adoration.

My Valentine’s day was dreamy.  Kevin had arranged for some lovely flowers to be delivered to me at work on Friday (if Valentine’s Day is permanently moved to a Saturday, I’ll make him promise to not send flowers).  Fresh, bright flowers bring springtime to any month, don’t you think?


The weekend started with a #Galentine pedicure date.  I met Shawna and we caught up on all the happenings.  Nothing quite like going into a weekend with chat and pretty toes.

On Saturday morning, we read and relaxed at home.  A hot air balloon landed one street over – practically in our backyard.  Random, but interesting.



^^ Photos shot from my seat in the breakfast nook.  #onlyinnewmexico

We went to Whole Foods for provisions.  Everyone else in the city was there too.  I guess a lot of people settled on eating in to celebrate the day of love.

That afternoon we went for a bike ride along the Bosque.  It was Fantasia’s inaugural ride in the company of her boyfriend, Kevin’s nameless bike.  My butt started to hurt after about 7 miles, so I turned around and totaled around 14 miles for the ride.  Kevin rode a bit further and did around 16 miles.  I didn’t fall off the bike or crash into anything, so I’d say it was a successful adventure.  The weather was over 60 degrees F and absolutely perfect.

Showered fresh and so clean so clean, we went for coffee at a cute local place.  They have lots of fancy latte options, so I scored myself an Almond Joy specialty and Kevin tried their daily brew.  We’ll definitely go back for more!

Home and caffeinated, we read for a bit and then started dinner.  On our first Valentine’s Day together (2011), I told Kevin that I wanted to stay in for the holiday.  He went above and beyond and prepared chicken parmesan for us.  That locked it in – our V-day tradition is to be home with each other and the cats and some delicious chicken parm and Moscato.  His chicken parmesan not only rivals but surpasses any that you’d find in a restaurant and he always makes me pasta with pesto too, which you know I love.

IMG_9489^^ Dinner.  Before.


My task was Caprese salad, deconstructed.


Rue kept her feather toy (the little scamp) under control. IMG_9496

Kiki supervised.  Tough job for a brindle cat. IMG_9108

And the dinner came together beautifully.




It was such a perfect meal, with my perfect guy.

We watched The Hobbit after dinner, pausing the film briefly to indulge in some chocolate covered strawberries.


On Sunday morning we met some friends at Gravy – the first new restaurant that K and I have tried this year!  We tend to get into ruts when it comes to eating out, and if Gravy becomes a rut, you won’t hear me complain.  It was so delicious.  Kevin had the breakfast sandwich (description below), I had the breakfast burrito, and our friends had 2 eggs any style and the specialty pancake flight, which was completely and utterly decadent.


 Kevin had to work a lot on Sunday and I ran errands.  We had dinner at his parents’ house, as per the usual Sunday night tradition, and that was the weekend.  Any time I get to spend with Kevin is time well spent, and the weekend included a lot of that.  So sweetheart sweekend indeed.

Do you like Valentine’s Day?  How did you spend your weekend? 


13 thoughts on “A sweetheart sweekend.

  1. You guys’ Valentine’s dinner looks absolutely delicious! I’m thinking Kevin will need to show off his cooking skills when we come visit you guys someday. ;) And I love the flowers he chose for you! They are so bright and happy and pretty. Definitely makes me think of spring. :)

  2. What a wonderful weekend! The hot air balloon reminds me of when we lived in our apartment when we moved here. One day we heard this weird sound outside of our apartment. We went out on our balcony and there was a hot air balloon that was so close, we could talk to the riders. Turns out there was a balloon festival just across the street from our apartment! I would love to go up some day. :)

  3. Your dinner looks SO delicious! And well deserved after biking 14/16 miles. That’s such a sweet tradition, love it! I’m not the biggest Valentine’s fan, but I’m definitely a fan of delicious food and wine :-)

  4. Your Valentine’s Day dinner tradition looks and sounds delicious! And also, WHY was the grocery store so crowded on V day? I experienced the same thing.

    Hot air balloons kind of creep me out. Especially on the ground, that close to your house. Is that weird? Probably.

    Your weekend sounds lovely and cozy! I am glad you had a wonderful Valentine’s Day.

  5. saturday valentine’s day sounds perfect to me. most of the other holidays change dates, so why not this one? also – your day sounds all kinds of perfect. bike rides and whole foods? sigh oh sigh – makes me wish for summer :)

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