Recently, Kevin and I saw Chicago the musical on the stage and then we dined at Yanni’s, a favorite spot.  This night out was a birthday gift from him to me and yet again, he outdid himself by giving the gift of an experience.  Things are fun, but experiences are even better, don’t you think?  Experiences bring people and cultures together.  They’re the first step in the development of “Remember when…” anecdotes, which are timeless.    Chicago was wonderful – top five, probably top three.

On that subject, because I know you’re curious, theatre favorites are as follows:
1. Wicked (I’ve seen it three times, so…yeah, hands down my number one.)
2. Movin’ Out
3. Chicago
4. The Lion King
5. Aida
6. Les Miserables
7. Rent
8. Cats

If I could choose any prestigious award to win for my talent and dedication to a craft, I would choose to be an actress on the stage and win a Tony.  Of course, I can’t sing well.  A complete lack of rhythm does not a dancer make.  And I’m horribly sensitive so I’d dissolve after one bad review.  Friends, I’m not meant to bring home a Tony.  But I can watch and love.

I am the proud owner of a new bike!  My wonderful in-laws gave me one for my birthday and boy, is she a beaut.

IMG_9338 Her name is Fantasia and I think we’re going to get along swimmingly well.  As long as I learn how to get my feet out of the cages and an introduction to the pavement, that is.  I haven’t ridden for any significant distance since Whitney, Tiffany, and I rode across the Golden Gate Bridge in 2008.  But…it’s like riding a bike, right?

Kevin granted my Christmas wish and gifted me with a Fitbit in December.  I eased into walking my 10,000 steps a day, but I’m on a roll now.  Gym days help me reach the goal a little faster than on non-gym days {which is, ahem, most days} and I’ve been burning up the pavement with regular treks between my house and the office and Sue/Craig’s house and the office and my house and Sue/Craig’s house.  Still 10,000 steps is a LOT and it is not uncommon for Kevin to find me pacing our house, tallying up steps.

Van Gogh was channeled and Moscato was sipped during a trip to Design by Wine with a few of my favorite local ladies.  No one will accuse me of stealing the original when they see my version of Starry Night hiding in the closet at home.  But there’s nothing like a little humble pie painting fun to remind one to not take oneself too seriously.


February is coming.  Go to my final Shop Your Closet – No Pants December post HERE and tell me what kind of challenge I should do in the upcoming month.  January quickly and quietly evolved into a quintessential month of jeans, hoodies, and sneakers.

What prestigious award would you be most honored to win?  Do you use a Fitbit? 


11 thoughts on “Hodgepodge.

  1. Love your musical list. I probably would switch them around, but I like the same ones you do. And I also really like doing those “painting and wine” classes. They are so much fun!

  2. Hahaha! Oh my goodness, if you could’ve seen Christopher and I last summer when we were both trying to get 10,000 steps every day… it was hilarious! Especially when just before bed we would look at our little trackers and realize we were still 1,000 steps away… so we’d start running in place or hopping about trying to get in our final steps. ;) I’m still doing the 10k steps thing, but he can’t right now with his knee surgery. Soon he’ll be back with me! And you’re right – it is a lot of steps!

    I love that you are biking again. And I especially love that she has a name. :) I think I’d love to bike, but the last time I bought a bike I hardly rode it because every day that was pretty enough to ride… I decided to walk the dog instead. But as I hear more about your bike riding adventures I bet I’ll be wanting to ride again. :)

    Your painting is beautiful! And you know I love Les Mis. And while I haven’t SEEN Wicked, thanks to you, sweet friend, I have heard the sound track and I LOVE it! Someday I will see it performed live!

  3. i love that someone seems to share my love for all things musical/broadway related. do you sing show-tunes in the shower? if yes, does kevin mind? has he learned all the songs yet? i’m trying to gage your level of fandom <3 also, congrats on the bike! i got wanda last year, and we've done all sorts of 'wanda-ing' around together :)

  4. Those “Design by Wine”/”Painting with a Twist” places look like so much fun! I’ve never done one, but one of my new Knoxville friends has a beautiful painting hanging up on her living room wall that she did at one of those places! I think all of your paintings look great! Better than I could do! I would love to see you do a challenge for February that involves doing your hair different ways. I always find myself stuck in a rut with wearing my hair exactly the same way day in and day out. I could use some inspiration! ;-)

  5. Ooh< Ooh, can you do a review on the Fitbit?? I'm thinking about saving up for one to get back into shape. :) I'd love to hear your thoughts on it!
    AND I'm the same way… Every year for my birthday, Nate buys me an 'experience' as well. :) A couple of years ago, we went to see a play, but for the past couple of years we've gone camping. I agree that experiences are just the BEST!
    Oh, and I'm in love with your sweatshirt… and your new bike. :)

  6. AH, your birthday dinner/show sounds so fun!!! I’m totally an experience person too, so reading about that gift warms my heart :-) Congrats on the new bike! She is lovely, and so is your sweater. And holy moly, girl! That painting! You are a talented lady!

  7. We usually do trips around our birthdays, we prefer experiences over things for gifts too. I want to see Wicked, it is at the top of my list! That is too funny you named your bike! P got me a bike several years ago and I had not ridden in many, many years before that. I ride way more now since we moved to SD. We just go FitBits last month. I’m working my way up to 10,000. Though I did walk around our hotel room last week when I was 500 short of 10,000 :)

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