He likes, she likes.


TV Shows:
He likes…
South Park (she finds this one really annoying)
Arrested Development (she isn’t the least bit interested in this one)
It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia (she despises this show)
Entourage (she’s never really given this one a chance – probably wouldn’t hate it though)
24 (she’ll watch this one but he likes it more)
Mike & Mike (she’ll watch it but wouldn’t choose it on her own)

She likes…
Gossip Girl (this one baffles him)
Gilmore Girls (another baffler)
The Golden Girls (he’d never choose it but it does remind him of his grandma because she liked the show, so…nostalgia?)
30 Minute Meals (he’ll watch this one but she likes it more)
Fashion Police (They watched Kathy Griffin on the show recently.  She’s no Joan Rivers, RIP.  Even he admits that Joan was inappropriate to a hilarious degree.)

They like…
The Office
Curb Your Enthusiasm
The Pioneer Woman
Barefoot Contessa
Friday Night Lights
House of Cards
Mad Men
Breaking Bad
How I Met Your Mother
Big Bang Theory
House Hunters & House Hunters International

He likes…
Historical non-fiction
Books about politics
And he’s starting to explore the world of fiction.

She likes…
Fiction – romance, drama, historical…as long as it’s pretend.

They like… 
The Harry Potter series
The Hunger Games series

He likes…
Blue and white striped shirts
High quality pieces
His Sperry boat shoes

She likes…
Volume – even going so far as to say quantity over quality.  This is why a capsule wardrobe is never going to happen.

He likes…

She likes…
A mix of pop, alternative, rap…

Variety is the spice of life.

What do you like that a close friend or significant other doesn’t care for and vice versa? 


13 thoughts on “He likes, she likes.

  1. Aww I love this idea! I find South Park and It’s Always Sunny really annoying too…luckily Peter doesn’t watch either but his BIL does so I have to endure it at home! Peter and I both love the office too!!

  2. oh gosh, we try to make our tv shows similar enough that we can watch together, but that means it takes a lot of time to find things we both like (i sneak parenthood when he falls asleep). it’s a blessing he happens to like house hunters, and we seem to agree on most HBO/Showtime shows. we’re in the market for something new right now though – maybe we’ll try how i met your mother? that seems to be a favorite.. :)

  3. haha I love the commentary on the other’s likes. Do you have more than one tv in your house? You must since you have such different tastes! Do you get annoyed with each other over clothing purchases? Did you see that Max from GG is on a new show?

    Super cute post idea :)

  4. What a cute post!! HA, I once upon a time listened to rap like it was going out of style….ohhh my. Not so much these days, but I can appreciate a tune or two. If that’s what it’s called. haha.

  5. Cute post! P and I have many similar interests. There is certainly some differences. For one P doesn’t really read books…he is the slowest reader! I read a lot. P likes biking and bikes 15 plus miles on the regular, five miles is about my max :) We watch many of the same of your “they” shows.

  6. What a great idea! My husband and I have very different taste in TV shows and movies, and only have a few we both love: Downton Abbey, Banshee, Ray Donovan, Big Bang Theory, and once in a while, Frasier.
    I have never watched The Pioneer Woman, even though I love her blog! Gotta get on that.

  7. Ah, blue and white striped shirts… he and Christopher are kindred wardrobe spirits. ;) Also, you already know this, but you and I are kindred book spirits. I love pretty much all fiction. Funny, romantic, dramatic… just as long as it’s pretend. Just like you said. ;) Christopher isn’t one to sit down with a book very often (and definitely never fiction), but he does lots of reading online. Anything with politics, finance, or history is right up his alley.

  8. What a great idea – love this post! I love the Gilmore Girls and my other half just does not get it! Always important to have differences but to have things that you love together!

  9. I have to admit that I enjoy some of his favorite TV shows (i.e. Arrested Development)! Haha. But I really enjoyed this. I like that you have individual likes but also shared ones–which is a great balance. And you both have awesome tastes in shoes!!

  10. I have to echo everyone here and say that I love this idea for a post. I may have to steal it! ;-) Justin and I rarely have the same taste in TV or movies, but it’s so exciting when we find a match that we can watch together! Breaking Bad was that show for awhile…but we whipped through the seasons so quick! Justin wanted me to hop on board with House of Cards, but Kevin Spacey is just so BAD, I couldn’t do it! (I know…Walter White was bad, too.) We also both liked How I Met Your Mother, but he gets exasperated with House Hunters (it is repetitive, I’ll admit). He just can’t get me on board with The Walking Dead, and I can’t get him to like my new favorite, Jane the Virgin. We’re destined to be a two-TV kind of couple.

  11. I just love this post!! We could totally watch tv together…we have pretty much the same taste, except that I have to agree with Kevin about Arrested Development ;-) I’m pretty sure that “baffled” is the best way to describe how Steve feels about Gilmore Girls too, haha. YAY for Harry Potter and the Hunger Games! And volume of clothes…quality over quantity all the way!

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