The most delinquent holiday recap and etc.

Grab a cuppa something and let’s catch up, shall we?  Because I know that you have been anxiously awaiting my minute-by-minute holiday recap.  Cackle.

Don’t worry – I’ll be brief.

Christmas Eve in 15 words or less:
6 dozen luminarias ~ hosting family ~ posole & tamales ~ The Christmas Story

Christmas day in 20 words or less:
Kevin & Amy traditional leisurely morning at home ~ lunch at Craig & Sue’s:  prime rib, mashed potatoes, asparagus = gluttonous ~ nap

New Year’s Eve in 15 words or less:
Dinner & movie with friends ~ CPK & Unbroken ~ in bed by 10:30

New Year’s Day in 15 words or less:
Hearty, artery clogging breakfast of pancakes & bacon ~ football ~ reading ~ nap ~ pizza delivery


My birthday marked the official end of the holiday season.  I turned 30, as you know from this.  Kevin took me out to my fav-or-ite restaurant on Saturday the 3rd.  We both had the lobster ravioli, split the chocolate mousse, and toasted ourselves nice and pink at a fireside table.




Lisa was in town so she went to breakfast with the regular crew on the 4th.  I did absolutely nothing productive on my birthday except guzzle a peppermint mocha.  Dinner was at a favorite Mediterranean spot with Kevin’s parents, followed by tiramisu at their casa.


Since then it has been back to work as normal.

Kiki and Rue are doing well and growing accustomed to each other.  Kiki watches Rue with fascination as the latter tears around the house at kitten speed.  Rue mimics Kiki’s behavior by sitting or lying down in an identical pose – classic little sister.  Kiki will play with Rue and then stop on a dime and hiss at her – classic big sister.   Rue tries to pounce on Kiki…and human feet under blankets…and any strings that catch her eye.  Especially the hoodie drawstrings around the neck/face and the PJ pant drawstrings around the private parts – it’s everyone’s favorite game.  And by everyone, I mean only Rue.


In other news, our downstairs furnace isn’t working,so…there’s an expense to start off the new year real fine.  Real fine indeed.

In other other news, my mother-in-law had a knee replacement surgery a week ago.  She’s breaking in that new knee like a champ and we’re all super proud of her progress.

I’ve kept you long enough.  From my winter wonderland to yours, happy Thursday.  {If you’re local, you know this picture is from a few days ago – today brings bright sunshine and frost, but no snow.}


Have you seen or read Unbroken?  What’s the weather in your neck of the world?



11 thoughts on “The most delinquent holiday recap and etc.

  1. Your posts always make me hungry! So many good eats! And I’m glad Rue is adjusting well. Are you guys adjusting well? Haha :-) It’s hard to go from having an older, chill cat to having a spazzy kitten. But she’ll grow up fast!

  2. I have read Unbroken. Haven’t seen the movie, though, but the book was one of the best I’ve ever read! Seriously, I loved it. Glad you had (what looks like) a delicious birthday meal!

  3. luminaries and posole? perfect combo. glorious nap? always welcome. i haven’t seen or read unbroken, but i’ve heard the book was great and the movie was not? time to see for myself :)

  4. I read Unbroken, and it was one of those books that stayed with me for a long time. what an incredible story! I’m reluctant to see the movie though, because my expectations are HIGH. Might sit this one out.
    I’m so happy that your little kittycats are bonding! But it seems to be dangerous to wear drawstrings in your house ;-)

  5. So glad the kitties continue to do well together! They do sound just like sisters. :) But yes, drawstrings… dangerous in your house. And I’m so glad to hear that your mother-in-law is doing so well! That’s great. :)

    Sorry about the furnace breaking! That’s no fun. I hope you guys are able to keep warm until it is fixed.

  6. Okay, first of all, this title…love! Loving the holiday recaps too…sounds like you guys had a good Christmas/New Years/Birthday celebrations! Glad your mom-in-law is recovering well from her surgery. And your kitties are adorable; they totally do sound like sisters :-) I have not seen unbroken…I kind of want to, but I’ve heard it’s pretty gory, and I usually can’t get past blood/crazy violence in movies. Did you find it gory?

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