To do: 2015.

IMG_9182The Kevster and I sat down and thought of a few things to do this year.  15 in ’15.  Seven items on the list are things that we’ll do together and then we each chose four individual goals.  Here they are, in no particular order:

{Key – so you can decipher the incredibly complicated code to follow…}
K & A = Kevin and Amy
K = Kevin
A = Amy

1. K & A:  Go to Europe.

2. K: Read a classic.

3. A: Do all Christmas shopping in local/independent stores or give homemade stuff.  Like crocheted scarves, vanilla extract (inspired by Tiffany, who gave me homemade vanilla extract for Christmas 2014!), or hot pepper oil (inspired by Allie, who blogged about it here).

4. A: Read 52 books.  (Bonus points if I manage to complete this 2015 reading challenge, which I think is only – ha! – 50 books….thanks, Tiffany, for sharing the idea!)

5. A:  Blog 104 posts.

6. K & A:  Fund IRA’s for the year.

7. K & A:  Complete at least one home improvement project. (New tile downstairs, master bathroom, shelves in the garage…)

8. K & A:  Run a 5k.

9. K: Smoke a rack of ribs or a brisket.

10. K & A:  Take a road trip to a historic destination in New Mexico.

11. K & A:  Try 10 new restaurants.

12. K & A:  Try 15 new recipes.

13. K:  Start and complete an entire workout program.

14. K:  Take a golf continuing ed class or attend three golf lessons.

15. A:  Host a theme party.

What do you want to do in 2015?  Do you like teaming up or goal-ing it solo?


11 thoughts on “To do: 2015.

  1. This is such a good idea! And some REALLY ambitious goals! Posting to WordPress twice a week would be tough for me, but I bet you can do it (I’m thinking you probably already blogged that much last year?). I tried doing homemade-ish gifts (using mostly Etsy) for everyone for Christmas last year. It was a challenge! And definitely more expensive. Thinking about it ahead of time (like you are) is a good idea, because I didn’t start until November!

  2. Wait, so you’re planning to go to Europe? Have you told us this before, and I’m just having major mommy-brain right now?? LOL! Either way, I am so excited about reading THOSE blog posts, as Europe must be amazing to visit. So I shall live vicariously through you! Ha, ha.
    Oh, and I totally never did make a list of resolutions or goals for 2015. *sheepish grin* That’s like the first time in forever… I probably should get on that!!

  3. Europe!? When are you going? Have you already mentioned this on the blog and I just forgot? Probably. That’s exciting! We’re in the early (I mean early) stages of planning a 2016 Europe trip. We’ll see!

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