14 in ’14.


Happy New Year!

As the curtain closes and 2014 is ushered to stage left, here are 14 highlights to applaud….

1. Amy started a new job.  In January I left the company I had worked with for six years to embark on a journey at a new place.

2. We saw Jim Gaffigan perform in Denver.  What a laugh!  While Brian Regan squeaks by in the front spot as my favorite comedian, Jim is hilarious and it was such a treat to see him live.

3. We traveled to the outskirts of Amarillo to watch Lisa graduate with her MBA!

4. We celebrated our first wedding anniversary with spa treatments and lobster ravioli.

5. Kevin got a new car…or rather, a truck!  A long time truck driver (not the 18 wheeler kind, just to clarify), Kevin drove an SUV for the past three years.  Although he liked his 4-Runner, it felt like coming home when he traded it in and drove a truck off the lot.

6. Amy saw the Backstreet Boys perform.  Yes, this makes the top 14 events of the year.  {The fact that she went with friends and didn’t drag Kevin to the show probably makes his top 14.}

7. Kevin traveled to the Pacific Gulf Islands on a hiking/biking/kayaking trip with his dad.  They had an awesome time being active in the beautiful PNW.

8. We lost a sweet white cat.  Pets leave paw prints on the heart and it is heartbreaking to lose one.  We miss Flo and her fiery, white-hot personality.  She had real cattitude.

9. Craig and Sue moved into the neighborhood, leaving the house where Kevin had spent most of his childhood and all of his teenage years.

10. We saw the Broncos play in warm weather and from this point forward, I am lobbying to attend only autumn games.

11. Kevin was introduced to Stillwater, OK, in all its glory and we took in an Oklahoma State football game.

12. Craig and Sue surprised Amy with an early birthday trip to the Grand Canyon.  It was grand!

13. We welcomed a new family member – Rue.  She {and Kiki} has adjusted really well and we can’t even remember what it was like before she was part of the fam.

14. As always, it’s the people and the everyday that make a year special.  There were weddings and there were babies.  There were lunches with friends, running/jogging (Kevin/Amy) on the Bosque, and trips out of town for work.  Yoga, volunteering, and happy hours; dinners at home, binge watching an embarrassing number of Big Bang Theory reruns, and 52 weeks worth of Wall Street Journal deliveries.  There was life, in all its ups and downs and twists and turns.  The calendar year was filled to the tippy top with blessings.

Thanks for being a part of our year by following along via da blog.

What’s a highlight (or 14) in your 2014?


7 thoughts on “14 in ’14.

  1. Isn’t it amazing to watch the year unfold in hindsight? Sounds like an exciting and happy one (except for Flo–I’m so sorry). Hope 2015 is even happier!!

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