Recently on Instagram.

365 Instagram posts later, stick a fork in me.

I followed the #fmsphotoaday prompts for the entire year.  I’m a master of self-discipline when I want to be, but I even impressed myself with this one.  It was even fun – a few friends played along as well and I loved seeing their photos.  Now though – enough. is. enough.  I’m verrrry excited to post to the ‘gram all helter-skelter and not be chained to the world of prompts.

Here are a few of my final faves.


Prompt:  Grass.
With a side of blue shoes and yesterday’s leaves.  {not pictured:  the neighbor’s yard guy who pretended not to notice the crazy girl taking pictures of her feet}

IMG_8758Prompt:  Pop!
Caramel popcorn, a cozy fire, Kevin, Kiki, and Rooster Cogburn.

IMG_8770Prompt:  Free.
Rain or shine, weather can’t be bought.  A glass of wine at Los Poblanos on the other hand….

IMG_8779Prompt:  Me.
And my sista.

IMG_8838Prompt:  Simple Pleasure.
That magical moment when you discover a dress has pockets.

IMG_8850Prompt:  Decoration.
A little frost-ing décor for the leaves this morning.

IMG_8851Prompt:  Closed Door.
We celebrate once-upon-a-time-Wednesday {don’t know if that’s a thing – but it should be} with a tale of two cats, sunbathing behind a closed screen door on a warm summer’s day.

IMG_8943Prompt:  Super!
Kevin and I think Rue – the newest member of the fam – is the bees knees.  Kiki isn’t sure what to think.

IMG_8990Prompt:  Sunshine.
Not today.  We even got snow!  Can you spy it?

 IMG_9011Prompt:  Sign.
Language.  All you need is love.

IMG_9030-2Prompt:  Food.
Run, run, as fast as you ca-. Um, no.  I’ve eaten 5 too many of these to run at any speed.

IMG_9080-2Prompt:  Tree.
What tree?  Rue doesn’t see any tree….

IMG_9112Prompt:  Color.
Color me happy – Christmas cards from so many lovelies.

IMG_9130Prompt: Celebration.
What do you get when you have two prime rib food coma inflicted humans, a pudgy kitten, and a reluctant adult feline in a low angle self-timer pic?  We be celebratin’ alright.

IMG_9146Prompt:  Animal.
Merry Christmas ya preppy animal.

IMG_9164-1Prompt:  Book.
This summed up the day – house shoes and book #52 for the year. 

 IMG_9194Prompt:  Best Bit of 2014.
The everyday, with my loves.

What was the best bit of your 2014? 


6 thoughts on “Recently on Instagram.

  1. Beautiful photos, but your captions are what make them outstanding – you crack me up Amy! So funny. And yes, I know the exhilaration of finding pockets in a dress – best.feeling.ever!
    Rue is super-cute, and her eyes are enormous – love the picture of her in the tree! What is it with cats and trees? Must be their inner wild child coming out.
    Happiest of happy new years to you and your sweet family, can’t wait to follow along on your adventures in 2015!

  2. I loved your photos, and I’m so impressed you did 365 of them! I can understand wanting to be free of prompts but hope there are still many Amy photos floating around on the instagram.

  3. I love your sister’s hair! Moreso, I love that you completed this massive challenge. It was quite a commitment! I think the only thing I can do daily is, um, breathe. I got that covered. Way to go!

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