Shop Your Closet – no pants December {week IV & week V}.

The back-to-back holiday weeks meant two short weeks in a row, so I’ve combined week 4 and week 5 of no pants December into one post.  Of course, I feel like a bit of a slacker because I’m posting two weeks worth of work outfits on Monday night of one of those weeks.  That’s right – I went in to work one day and am gonna call it a week.  I love my job.  All the other admin people are working remotely  for the remainder of the year – and I don’t want to feel left out.

I shopped my closet for the month and only wore dresses and/or skirts.  I really enjoyed the challenge, but I am looking forward to wearing my jeans again! That being said, I still want to make a concerted effort to shop my closet, and I am debating what kind of challenge to do in January.  Maybe a month of outfits that include scarves?

Week IV: 




Week V:


Any suggestions for a January closet challenge?  Would you participate in a shop-your-closet challenge?


4 thoughts on “Shop Your Closet – no pants December {week IV & week V}.

  1. I love that you did this challenge! Tuesday’s outfit is my favorite. I just love maxi skirts, though when I wear them my sister calls me “Allie Duggar” haha. I think shopping your closet it such a fun, do-able challenge. For January… hmmm, I like the scarf idea!

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