Stick a pin in it: our travel map.

Kevin traveled to the Pacific Gulf Islands last July and he brought me a few gifts (as he should – that’s the price of going on vacation without your wife).  One of the gifts was a beautiful world map.  It was exactly what I had envisioned for our travel map that I wanted to create as a 30-by-30 list item.  That Kevin…he’s definitely the better half of this pair.

A few weeks ago I took the lovely map to Hobby Lobby, chose a frame, and commissioned them to mount the map on foam board.  The Kevster and I are so happy with the final product!  We had fun sticking it with pins to show where we’ve traveled individually (blue pins for Kevin; green pins for myself) and together (red pins).  We are eagerly anticipating many more red pin worthy adventures in the decades to come – there’s a whole lotta world to see!


Have you made a travel map?  What dream-come-true travel destination tops your list? 


10 thoughts on “Stick a pin in it: our travel map.

  1. we don’t have a travel map, but we’ve been thinking about getting one to do with the kids – sorta tracking the places we’ve been together? i think it’d be a fun way to plan road trips! of course, this map will probably be just the US (our own little travel map can be international, but probably waiting until the kids are older to cross any water with them)

  2. I LOVE IT! I’ve wanted to do one of these, but I wasn’t sure what to do about all the places I traveled growing up (before Christopher). I would want them on my map, but they aren’t technically places we’ve been together. Different colored pins is a GREAT idea! I love this! Thanks for the inspiration, friend! And a happy NYE to you!

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