Dreaming of a white cat Christmas.

The cute little white cat passed away five months ago today.  We haven’t stopped missing her, and her absence has been especially noticeable during the holiday season.  She was just so involved.  Christmas is a glorious time to be a cat…lots of boxes and interesting things coming out of the ever-mysterious and forbidden garage.  Presents to crawl over, ornaments to bat at, a tree to lounge under.

She would have loved all the crocheting I’ve been doing.  Yarn!  It moves!  I must attack it!

In celebration of a white cat doing white cat Christmas things, here are a few of our favorite Flo pictures, the holiday edition.


^ She loved inspecting my purchases after a Christmas present shopping spree.


^ Boxes are fun.  She finagled her way into this box like the acro-cat she was.


^ Filed under:  boxes are still fun.

Tree and Flo

^ Contemplating the reason for the season?  Or formulating a plan of attack on the tree?


^ Tree skirts are cozy.

It’s just not the same without her here to help.  I had to hang up Kevin’s Happy Birthday banner all by myself this year.


Do your pets enjoy the holiday festivities? 


6 thoughts on “Dreaming of a white cat Christmas.

  1. Aww sweet Flo! How we miss her sweet face. Love this holiday edition. :)

    Oreo definitely loves the holidays. Mostly because he gets presents. And he loves to help open presents. Last night Christopher was opening a couple of gifts and Oreo was hysterical with trying to “help” him open his gifts. He kept ripping off the wrapping paper and trying to chew open the cardboard boxes. Ah, that mutt… he’s a handful, but we love him. ;)

  2. aww, the picture in the wrapping paper is so, so sweet! this post makes me a little sad though – i can’t imagine losing a pet (kinz is my first but i’m predicting it’s going to be all kinds of awful)

  3. Awwww, Flo how we all miss you! I can only imagine how much your mommy and daddy miss your fuzzy face!

    My cats LOVE Christmas. They think the tree skirt is a bed just for them, and they are constantly drinking the water from under the Christmas tree. Also, gift bags with tissue paper never last very long… My cats like to pull out the paper and reveal the gift. Ha, ha.

  4. Aww, beautiful Flo! When I lived with my parents, our cats always loved Christmas time for the same reasons… boxes and tinsel galore! We had one cat, Callie (a calico.. we gave her such a unique name, ha) and she was a grouchy cat. Christmas always brought out the best in her, though. We would find her batting her tail in a box while giving us the ever-present evil eye. Also, once, she sat on tinsel and it got stuck to her butt, so we called her “Tinsel Butt” for about three years haha.

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