A very merry birthday.


It’s my man’s 31st birthday today.  He’s officially in his 30’s.  A 30-somethin’ guy.  {Who, as I keep reminding him, is married to a youthful, 20-somethin’ girl – at least until January 4.}

Kevin is simply the best.  He is kind and smart and sweet and athletic and hard-working and considerate.  He cooks.  He gives great hugs.  He is a good driver.  All important things.  He’s serious…most of the time.  I’m one of the very few people in this world who gets to see him act goofy, which I consider to be a great honor and therefore try to inspire goofiness in him whenever I possibly can.  Much to his delight, I’m sure.  He is steady and comforting.  We don’t fight.  Not because we avoid it – we honestly have nothing to fight about because we are so aligned in our words, thoughts, and actions.  Being around him makes me a better person because he is just so completely and utterly…good.  He is my best friend and my better half.

Happy birthday, Kevin!  I love you and I am excited to celebrate approximately 80 more birthdays with you in the years to come (living to 110+ should do it for us, right?).

Read more about how wonderful he is here


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