Shop Your Closet – no pants December {week I}.

You know I love the idea of a capsule wardrobe, but I can’t quite seem to commit.  Instead, in the interest of playing wardrobe games, I decided to challenge myself to a little something my closet and I like to call “no pants December.”  {If only I’d thought this thought back in October because then I could have brought you “Nopantsember November”.  Maybe next year.}

Each work day this month, I will not wear pants.  Nothing like showing some {tights and leggings clad} leg to mix it up.  My dresses and skirts are housed in a different closet than the rest of my clothes, so I tend to forget about them.  Not this month.  I’m lucky because the dress code at my work is business casual, and I confess that I, all too often, lean heavily on the casual side of that scale.  ‘No pants December’ will keep me out of the jeans-and-a-long-sleeve-t-shirt uniform that I tend to fall body first into.  I’m also not allowed to shop this month, using only what’s in my closet to create these outfits.

Week one outfits?  I thought you’d never ask. {Poor photo quality ahead.  Kevin would have taken a month’s worth of outfit photos for me if I asked him to, but our schedules don’t always work for that – meaning I’m still lounging in bed when he leaves for work on some mornings.  Therefore, it’s just me and the self-timer on my ol’ iPhone 4s so…there you have it.}






Do you like to mix it up and challenge yourself to shop your closet?  Would you wear only dresses for a month?


14 thoughts on “Shop Your Closet – no pants December {week I}.

  1. LOVE it! Especially Monday and Thursday. I love no pants outfits because they go with my general opinion that wardrobe should be easy and comfy above all else. You know me, I wear one pair of shoes until they fall apart and then buy another pair of the same exact style (sometimes different colors). But I think you’ve inspired me to do some closet shopping because you look fantastic.

  2. I’d wear dresses only for a month if it were in the summer, haha! I hardly wear dresses at all in the winter because I’m such a wimp. ;) It’s just SO cold here (to me) that I am wearing my fleece lined leggings underneath my skinny jeans, haha! ;) But it’s a really cute idea! You did a great job pairing these. I especially love your colored leggings, but you probably already guessed that. :)

  3. You look super cute and sophisticated on Friday… perfect for taking out on a date! ;)

    You would have to pay me to do a challenge like this. I’d be so uncomfortable! I probably wear a dress once a year and a skirt twice per year. Yep. I’m a jeans kinda girl.

    Props for taking on this challenge!

  4. You look awesome each day, but I vote for Friday as being my favorite. I think there is something liberating about wearing dresses and skirts.

  5. These are so great! I want to shop your closet, too! (Haha, but not the point, I know. But I think if I were to shop my own closet, I would run out of dresses and skirts pretty quickly.) I love Friday’s outfit, with the ankle boots. And there’s something a little hodgepodge about the outfit you threw together on Wednesday, but I really love it! It looks comfy. And I love all the scarves, too! *Sigh* If I could shop ANYONE’S closet, it would be Zooey Deschanel. I feel like I NEVER see her wear pants, and she always looks so cute!

  6. no pants december! ha! how could i not love this? a) i hate pants and b) such a funny name. maybe i’ll try no pants january? think i’ll freeze??? hehe, my pants are getting too tight anyway!

  7. I love this idea!! I recently gave a ton of clothes away to the Goodwill and I realized I still have so much. So I’m not allowing myself to buy anymore clothes AND I’m really trying to wear different pieces as much as possible because I’m usually so bad at wearing the same 3-4 outfits over and over again when I have soo many other clothes. Cray cray. I looove Monday’s outfit!

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