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R-r-r-andom reminds me of a stutter.  Which reminds me that I had to see a speech therapist when I was a child.  I didn’t stutter, but my mom says that I had my own little language that only she could understand.  Amy-speak.

What time of day were you born?  I was born late at night – 9:00 or maybe it was 10.  I made my mom miss Dallas, which was her favorite show.  Ahh, the sacrifices parents make for their children.  I wonder if the time of day/night you were born is a factor in whether you’re a morning person or a night person?  Because I am definitely a night person.  Kevin was born at night too though and he’s a morning person.  So there goes the theory….

Remember that one time Kevin was out of town and there was a chirping smoke detector incident?  {hereEven the man of the house couldn’t fix it, so that little chirper met the business end of a hammer.


Two weeks ago Kevin had to go out of town again.  My phone chose the first night he was gone to go on sabbatical and stop functioning.  It refused to power off; it boycotted the receiving and sending of calls and texts.  It was just me and Kiki, home alone, facing the world without a phone.  All ended well though.  Once the battery charge ran down altogether, it reset, so it was fine by the time I went to bed {at one AM because I don’t fall asleep easily when I’m home alone so I may as well spend the time watching Gilmore Girls and it was season 2 when Jess comes to Stars Hollow and I’ve always been team Jess, so yes, Netflix, I am still watching.}


Have you started your Christmas shopping?  I have.  And I’m almost done which is good because I refuse to go to the mall during this time of year.  I’m more Cyber Monday than Black Friday.  I like the idea of Small Business Saturday but the thought of facing the crowds and the chaos gives me anxiety.  Basically they (being the stores – big or small) would have to pay me in money and Xanax to shop between Thanksgiving and Christmas.   Do you think gift cards are impersonal?  If so, we’ll have to agree to disagree.  I find the gift of gift cards to be very personal.  What’s more personal than giving the person the power to pick out exactly what they want?  Nothing, I tell ya.

I’m currently reading Allegiant – the third book in the Divergent-Insurgent-Allegiant trilogy.  It’s just so…eh.  I don’t really want to keep reading but I made it through the first two books in the series so now I feel obligated to finish it out.  Do you feel the need to finish a book, even if you don’t love – or even like – it? 

I’ve been cooking a fair amount recently and while I’m not ready for my own show on the Food Network, I have developed a list of tips (or five – I came up with five tips), which are:

  • When in doubt, bake at 350 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Sauté, don’t fry.
  • Use more garlic.
  • Use more red pepper flakes.
  • Guesstimate measurements for cooking; measure precisely for baking.

Do you have any kitchen hints? 


9 thoughts on “R-r-r-andom.

  1. Other than the red pepper flakes (because I’m a wimp), we have the SAME kitchen tips! Haha! Garlic is always a winner. ;)

    I really liked the Divergent trilogy as a whole, but I really disliked how it ended. We can talk more about it after you finish it.

    I’m almost done with Christmas shopping too! I did a good bit of Black Friday shopping online this year so that was nice. :) I have a few things left to get, but I think most of it will be from Amazon! So winner winner!

  2. Gift cards are awesome, particularly if it’s for a store you know they love. I’ve barely scratched the surface with the Christmas shopping, I feel I have left it a little bit late this year and might opt for the online shop to avoid the crowds.

  3. Have not started Xmas shopping, was planning on getting everyone gift cards to their favorite stores which I think with a bag of homemade cookies and a hand written card is personal! Gift cards FTW!

  4. I definitely feel the need to finish a book even if I don’t really like it. At all. Haha. I don’t know why. but I have a hard time giving up on a book once I’ve “invested” in starting to read it, even if I’m like five pages in. I annoy myself with that habit. Oh well!

    I was born in the morning and I’m a morning gal for sure!! Interesting theory! I lol’d about the chirper meeting the business end of a hammer. I remember reading that post and feeling so bad that so many random things went wrong while Kevin was away!

    Christmas shopping: I hate the crowds, too. I like to do my shopping early, or online. I definitely do a mix of both. If I do shop in stores this time of year, I do it in the middle of the day on a week day if possible!! I totally think gift cards are personal, too!

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