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November!  It’s over.  Where has the year gone?  I followed the Fat Mum Slim photo prompts once again.  Here are some of my favorites from the month of photos.


Prompt:  I Saw This!
Menu + latte {not pictured:  nice people and tasty food}


Prompt:  Weather.
Currently 53 d to the F.  Cool, crisp, and colorful.

IMG_8413Prompt:  8 o’clock.
Has come and gone. But not before this little gem {featuring my boot-clad feet in a sea of dead foliage} was captured.

IMG_8420Prompt:  Made Me Smile Today.
Little cat in a big chair.

IMG_8436Prompt:  A Place.
Tacos and margaritas at this place with some lovely ladies gathered together to celebrate Leann’s upcoming birthday.

IMG_8444Prompt:  Heck Yes!
Jogging conditions are perfect on the Bosque today.

IMG_8548Prompt:  For Me.
Blanket + Book + Kiki.  All we need is Kevin.  And we need him to bring us food.

IMG_8562Prompt:  Hot + Cold.
His + hers.

IMG_8565No prompt – just utter dizziness from the glitz, glamour, masks, and spiral staircases at the Gertrude Zachary museum.


IMG_8587Prompt:  Whole. 
Leave it to this guy to bite a button off that towel and swallow it {the button, not the towel} whole.  He sure is cute though.

IMG_8589Prompt:  Bright.
Bench, baby.

IMG_8596No prompt – Why is it that just-pulled-my-hair-up-to-wash-my-face hair so often looks better than worked-for-20-minutes-on-this-ponytail hair? hashtag clawhand

IMG_8606Prompt:  Shoes.
I think my low arches are going to prance their way back into beginners ballet soon.


Prompt: I Need To Do This!
Stick a pin in it – the framed travel map is done.

IMG_8650Prompt:  Wall.
San Fran spray paint art and some wedding day giggles.

IMG_8654Prompt:  I’m Thankful For This…
…little ball of Maine Coon fur.

IMG_8671Prompt:  Black.
Is the new black.

As Thanksgiving month has ended, what are you most thankful for in your life?  What photos did you take in November?


7 thoughts on “Recently on Instagram.

  1. I always love pictures of the Goldendoodle! He is so cute–even when he’s being bad! (I hope he’s okay after eating the button, though!) And that Bosque/walking path looks beautiful! And it looks WARM! It makes me want to visit the west! :-)

  2. Christopher has low arches too. Really, his feet are almost completely flat. PTs usually wince when they see his feet for the first time, haha! Also, I want to hear more about you getting back into ballet. When did you do it before?

    I love that travel map idea! I want to do that too!

  3. The ballet picture…gorgeous! I’m with Rach…I want to hear more about this :-) And I’ve been wanting to read The Power of Habit. My husband bought it, and now I don’t know where he put it…when I find it, I WILL read it!

  4. i’ve been trying to amp up my instagram game. my friends have made fun of me for – um… years – that i don’t use it enough. this month? trying to post once a week! maybe the new year will include a challenge? idk for sure, but i’m always inspired by how you find such awesome things for yours :)

  5. Mmmhh, lost of fall goodness. ‘Tis is the most photogenic of all seasons! I LOVE the blue bench photo, so vibrant! And you in that last one – awesome. A bit dramatic, a whole lotta classy, and just the right amount of artsy!

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