Friday PM: 

Kevin picked up our favorite sushi and brought it home for dinner.  Thank goodness because miso hungry.  {Don’t sushi-roll your eyes at my puns…}


I went to an 8:00 Nia class with Sue.  It was a lot of fun and it’ll definitely count for a dance class on the ol’ 30 by 30 list.  After class we ran a few errands and grabbed brunch at a cute little neighborhood place.

Once I arrived home, I had to rush to get ready for the 2nd Annual Bikes & Brews tour that some of Kevin’s friends put together.  I neither biked nor brewed, preferring the four wheels of my car for transportation and root beer and cream soda for beverages, but the company was great and it was a beautiful day to sit on the patio at a few breweries.



All that caffeine (me) and beer (Kevin) led right to naptime with football on in the background.  The remainder of the evening consisted of football, reading, Curb Your Enthusiasm, and a pizza delivery.


We started the morning with the breakfast of champions at my favorite breakfast spot.  It was a cold and windy day, but two sets of great-aunts and great-uncles and my cousin met us out and it was a nice meal.  With full tummies, we did the grocery shopping (so much safer than going on an empty stomach) and then went home.  There was reading and napping and football and Kiki cuddles as the wind raged outside.

I also started a crochet project, intending for it to be an infinity scarf.


I don’t know what I’m doing yet couldn’t be bothered to find a pattern, and it quickly became clear that this bit of yarn was not destined to be a scarf.  Too short.  It did however manage to fit around my head and cover my ears, so the project name was changed to ear warmer headband and I managed to finish it same day.  This very well may be the only crochet project I have ever finished.  Let’s all applaud me.


Headband crocheting finished just in time to brave the cold for a dinner out with Craig and Sue and Jewell and Donald (my great-aunt and great-uncle) at Macaroni Grill.  That was great fun as well and really just the perfect end for the sweekend.

How did you entertain yourself this past weekend?  Do you crochet?  What’s the last crafty-type project you’ve finished? 


12 thoughts on “Sweekend.

  1. “the project was changed to ear warmer headband” hehe :) it’s cute! and miso hungry? i wish i could use that with jon, but he’s allergic to seafood… hm… use the expression with my friends? oh, and i’m jealous of your weekend – root beer and crafts and breakfast food are all such lovely things <3

  2. I ate sushi with my brother the other night, and I tweeted “sushi makes “miso” happy” and I’m so excited to finally find someone else who loves that punny humor. I love your headband! It looks gorgeous on you!

  3. This past weekend, I went to the movies with my hubby and enjoyed some quality time together. We went to see the ‘Hunger Games’ movie, which was really good! :) (I thought it was a bit slower-paced than the other two movies, but it set the stage for the last movie… And again, it was really good). :)
    And then on Tuesday, I – ya know – had a baby! ;)

      • Brady is doing REALLY well!! He did end up being a very big boy, but he is just the sweetest and the cutest. SUCH a good baby, and Nate and I couldn’t be more in love! :) Nate is over the moon proud and excited and is such a sweet daddy. I can’t wait to write some blog posts to fill everyone in! :)

  4. I am stealing that “miso hungry” line! Hilarious! We had sushi yesterday! The next time we have it, I’ll have to use your pun! :) And I love your ear warmer!! It turned out great. It’s like you always meant it to be that instead of a scarf. :)

  5. Ha, I love how your turned your infinity scarf into a headband! If life doesn’t give you enough yarn, make headbands – or something.
    Also, “miso hungry” has to be included into the urban dictionary! It’s an instant classic.

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