A typical day.

In general, I wake up as the sun colors the horizon.

Then I roll over and go back to sleep.  Every morning I thank my lucky stars that I’m allowed to sleep in and no longer in the job that required me to be to work by 7:00.  I am not a morning person.  And no one likes to be around me when I am forced to early arise.


When I wake up (the second time), I lounge in bed for a bit with my phone and scroll through theSkimm, the night’s Instagram posts, and blog posts on the Reader.  Then I’m up and at ’em….  Hair first.  Then makeup.  Then dress for the day.  Usually around that time, Kevin is coming back upstairs – he gets up around 5:30 each morning to read the WSJ, watch Mike & Mike on ESPN, and drink his coffee.  I admire him and his discipline for that early morning routine.  From the warmth and comfort of bed as I sleep, I admire.

Breakfast fads come and go.  In this era of November 2014, I am eating one scrambled egg, a small tortilla, and cheddar cheese.  A quick little burrito.  I’ll tire of that eventually and move on to the next great thing.  Kiki gets wet food in the morning, which she’s usually very excited about.  She has dry food in a self-feeder available at all times, but the wet food is a special treat.

I usually set out for work between 8:00 and 8:30 AM and it’s quite a commute.  Five minutes.  By foot.  {Read about my walk to work here.}  Traffic is intense.  By ‘traffic’ and ‘intense’ I mean that I occasionally meet one other person out on the walking path in the neighborhood.


My work day usually goes very quickly – it’s a pretty busy environment and I have a lovely office in which to get my job done.  Of course, the job is never done, is it?  I work in human resources/quality assurance, so lots of details, which is great because I’m a detail girl.

And I get by with a little help from my friend, caffeine, on some days.


My lunchtime varies by the day.  Sometimes I’ll meet a friend out for a bite, but I usually trek home to dine with Kiki.  {Sometimes she’s too busy with her work to lounge around with the likes of me, but she usually comes out for a belly rub or two.  And if I’m eating anything with turkey or milk, she’s interested.}  I walk back to work to finish out the day and then walk home when I reach a good stopping point around 5:00.  Since it’s getting dark so early, I try to leave no later than 5:15 because the path home is not well lit in some areas.  It would be just like me to roll an ankle on a leisurely stroll.

Some evenings I’ll do a little workout.  I enjoyed running after work when it was staying light for longer.  Normally Kevin and I prepare dinner together, but he has been working ridiculously hard and long hours lately, so I try to have dinner ready by the time he gets home.  And I meet him at the door with his slippers, smoking robe, and a bourbon.  {I jest.}

We eat dinner at the coffee table in front of the TV because we’re adults and we do what we want.  There will be plenty of time for meals at the table when we have to set a good example for the children.  In the meantime, The Big Bang Theory, Curb Your Enthusiasm, Friends, The Office, football games, etc. are delightful dinner companions.

After dinner, we’re usually good about cleaning up the kitchen, but sometimes, dishes sleep in the sink.  We’ll continue watching TV, or read, or just talk for a bit.  Kevin will get his coffee ready for the morning and I’ll go upstairs to start getting ready for bed.  He is always done with the bedtime prep routine before me, even if I start earlier.  I think it’s because I floss and he doesn’t.  (And he’s never had braces or a cavity and he has perfect teeth and gums.  If I didn’t love him and want our someday kids to inherit those great genes, I’d pout about the unfairness of it all.)

Lights out by 9:30 or 10:00 at the latest.  On weekend nights I stay up late, reading in bed.  Because I wild, so wild.

What’s your favorite part of your daytime routine?  Have you done a day-in-the-life post?  If so, link to it in the comments {I’m nosy and I know it.}. 


15 thoughts on “A typical day.

  1. similarities and differences and all sorts of comments over here. i lovvve waking up slow and sort of skimming social media from the comfort of my cloud-like bed, and i usually hear jon typing away/on a business call/managing something of some sort while i do my lazy little thing. and as for morning breakfast? i’m all about granola bars right now, but i crave something specific for about 3 months and then i let-it-gooooooo and move on (get the reference?) hehe :) oh, and i never tire of seeing pictures of/from your lovely walk to work!

  2. I’m glad we’re not the only ones who eat in front of the TV some nights. I feel a little guilty, but then I think, when we have kids, we’ll do it right :) I’m still jealous of your commute and the fact that you can go home at lunch!

  3. TV is a wonderful dinner companion. We dine in its presence as well, and it still gives me that little surge of guilty pleasure to do it. Walking to work is the dream! Nothing better than a little stroll to wake you up completely and get a feel for the day.
    Your day sounds great, full of simple little pleasures. I laughed at your last sentence: “I wild, so wild.” Me, too!

  4. I really liked this post. We tried not to eat in front of the TV, but when I was sick for 8 weeks, sitting upright at a table was not ideal…I’m sure we will try again next year. :)

  5. I love this!! I prefer waking up slowly too…it’s so nice to have the opportunity to do that! I can’t imagine working a job that starts at 7 like your old one…bleh. And eating in front of the tv is so fun…we do that on nights when dinner is leftovers. When I make a “new” meal, the table feels more convenient. But when we’re warming up supper, the living room is where it’s at ;-) Also, your “commute” looks gorgeous!!

  6. Love it! And we’ve been dinner-in-front-of-the-TV type folks lately too!! (You know, until we also have to set a good example). For now, it’s just so relaxing. Ha, ha. :)

  7. Sounds like a pretty good daily routine to me! :) I’m pretty jealous you can walk to work…sometimes my commute/driving with idiots does not start or end my day well. Sometimes we all eat at different times during the week so we eat in different places but we’ve tried to make it a thing to eat “family” dinner at the table on Sunday nights!

  8. I like to wake up slowly too (with my phone) but early. I might have to try your breakfast – sounds quick and yummy. I’ve been eating egg sandwiches way too long (years!).

  9. I love reading about a day in someone else’s life! Jimmy doesn’t floss his teeth either, and he never has anything wrong with his teeth. Major pouting going on over here, haha. We go to bed around 9:00 or 9:30 because we’re up at 5:00 (both morning people) and I think our mornings or evenings are my favorite time of the day!

  10. I’m so jealous that you are able to walk to work! I used to park far from my building so that I could at least partly walk into work, but now I work night shifts and I am way to nervous at that hour to be walking solo. Also, don’t worry, my hubby and I dine in front of the t.v. most nights too!

  11. Are you gonna start carrying a flashlight? Or is the darkness just conveniently your excuse to leave work on time?

    I am not a morning person either but for the last few weeks I’ve been getting up at 5:15am to shower then work on personal projects for at least an hour. Aside from being tired, I feel so much better! Some day I might succumb to coffee. Some day.

  12. Sounds like a lovely sort of day. I really do love that you get to walk to work every day. There’s something so old fashioned and wonderful about that. :) Christopher gets up early too. He wakes up at 5am just to have quiet time (he’s pretty introverted and needs that before he hits the work day). Right now he’s swimming three days a week at 6am because he can’t play basketball over lunch anymore. I definitely don’t get up any earlier than I have to!

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