Romping up for the winter.

The time has come for me to announce that I am cold and will probably not be warm again until May 2015.  Allow me to paint a picture of how ridiculous I am by describing the current temps:

I don’t think it has dipped to freezing even in the darkest hour of night.
Fall colors still paint the majority of foliage.
The high today is 60.

You knew I was a cold weather wuss but until this moment you had not fathomed the black pit of wussiness that I truly embrace.  Right?

In all honesty though, I love tights and boots and scarves and cozy socks and soft sweaters.  Which means it really is the most wonderful time of the year to get dressed in the morning.

There was a little problem when I realized that summer had slipped away before I’d slipped into a romper from Forever 21.  (Big spender, high roller.)  What to do, what to do?  Leave it buried in the closet until I can bask in the glory of warm, next summer?  OR make a bold fashion statement by pairing it with tights?

This would be a really disappointing blog post if the answer was the former.

I told Kevin my plan – tights, scarf, sweater – and he said, “Well, that’s certainly the approach I take to wearing all my rompers in winter.”  And then he snapped some pictures like the angel of a husband he is.





And there you have it.  I’m romping…full speed ahead…into cooler weather with a big smile on my chilled face.

Do you wear seasonal clothes out of season?  Which season holds the most clothes appeal for you? 


10 thoughts on “Romping up for the winter.

  1. WOW. When you were describing it–the romper with the tights and the scarf–I wasn’t sure. Like, I REALLY wasn’t sure…I was cringing a little bit, to be honest. But then I kept scrolling down to the picture, and…I LOVE it! This is why I buy all of my clothing off of the mannequins in storefront windows. When I look at individual pieces on hangers (or even just try to imagine pairing pieces together), I can’t see it. I’m all, “Let’s just put this plain black sweater together with these plain blue jeans.” Some people–like YOU!–really have a knack for “seeing” what will work and putting it together!

  2. this post (like most of yours) was fun to read — i agree with your logic (pulling the romper out in winter to save the outfit/purchase), i like kevin’s willingness to oblige, and the outfit is really cute :)

  3. Love the romper with tights and a sweater and scarf!! I know the exact feeling of “I will be cold until May 2015” haha! It’s -2 degrees here with the windchill. Yikes! My favorite season to get dressed in is the summer!

  4. Kevin’s response! Haha. This was a bold move indeed. But I love it! You pull it off perfectly! I love the cold weather here (the other day it was in the 20s, but today it is 58!), but I am a little bummed that Oklahoma pretty much didn’t have a fall this year. :-/ Enjoy those mild (freezing ;-)) temps!

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