Pinterest partyin’.

There were several questions about the Pinterest party that I mentioned at our coffee date.

I don’t flatter myself to be a crafty or creative person.  I mean, when I draw, it’s stick figures and landscapes with a tree, a sun, and some giant tulips that are not to scale with the size of the tree.  But Pinterest ignites a flame of creativity in even the most barren of DIY souls (such as mine is).  And what’s better than playing Pinterest with a group of lovely people?  Worst case scenario, you’ll have some laughs and a story for that Pinterest-fail website.

I have been exposed to two types of Pinterest parties.

The first I hosted a few years ago.  I created some invitations to attend a “Pinterest Support Group” at my house.  Each person was encouraged to bring a food or beverage item that they had pinned, and bring the supplies for a Pinterest craft that they were interested in attempting.  If they wanted to bring enough stuff for the group to try to make the craft as well, that was fine, but if they just wanted to fly solo on a project in good company, that was fine too.  It’s been a few years, but I think there were 5 or 6 of us at the Pinterest Support Group.  We played with dipping candles to color them and we attacked glass Coke bottles with foam letters and white spray paint.  There was some tasty food too!  Overall it was a smashing success and I’ve been intending to host another party ever since.

More recently, my friend Ashley hosted a Pinterest party at her house.  There were four of us in attendance and Ashley very kindly provided the supplies to make burlap wreaths.  She printed this tutorial that she had pinned and we all fumbled our way through the craft.  Ashley had a lot of tea varieties to choose from, coffee, tasty treats, some nice music, and a scented candle that smelled just like autumn, in all it’s glory.  Such fun.  And the wreaths were all lovely.  Here’s mine.


Would you attend or host a Pinterest party?  Any crafts or recipes that you’re itching to try? 


10 thoughts on “Pinterest partyin’.

  1. As an attendee of your first Pinterest party, I sure wish I could attend another. It was great fun! My newest project will be Christmas gifts, so I can’t tell you about them, but I’m quite excited.

  2. Your wreath is so pretty, and a pinterest party sounds like a great time! I have cooked stuff from pinterest, but I don’t think i’ve made anything. I just like to pin stuff and pretend i’m going to make it some day :)

  3. I think that Pinterest parties are SUCH a great idea!!! When I’m feeling up to it (after baby is born), I just might have to start something along those lines, even if it’s once every couple of months. I’m not overly creative either, but Pinterest makes me feel like Martha Stewart! ;) I love all of the ideas and great directions provided there!
    Oh, and I LOVE your wreath! So adorable!

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