Current obsessions.

I am loving the Sudoku app on my phone.  I spend far too much time on said app.  Not to brag or anything, but my Sudoku skills are kind of at level genius.  {sense the sarcasm}  To my credit, I am working the ‘Expert’ puzzles.  But I’m pretty sure that only level genius imposters take 20+ minutes to complete the puzzle.  Often with more than three-strikes-you’re-out calculated guesses gone wrong.

I’m also loving 30 Minute Meals on On Demand.  No commercials!  I want to prepare alllll the dishes.  And Rachael Ray is far less intense in season 25 than I remember her being in the early years.

Gilmore Girls on Netflix.  Stars Hollow for the win. How those quirky, fast-talking characters do reel me in for episode upon episode upon episode.

As always, I’m obsessed with this cat.  She’s just too sweet and cute.  We are still not ready for another pet, but we sometimes ask Kiki if she wants a kitten.  Thus far, she has no comment to offer on the subject.  She’s quite content to be a spoiled only cat-child, thankyouverymuch.


And because I haven’t posted a photo of Flo in awhile…


Bravely going where no white cat has gone before.  Conquering that…refrigerator.  We still declare on a daily basis that we MISS her.

I’m obsessing over the idea of a capsule wardrobe.  Un-Fancy inspired me, really.  Will I actually commit?  That remains to be seen.  But I do love the idea of being happier with less.  And I may give into peer pressure so MiriamBrittJenny….  Share your success stories if you plunge into the capsule wardrobe world.

As I live in a relatively warm climate, the trees are still turning colors and showing off something fierce.  I am obsessed with blue skies and yellow leaves.  Brilliant combo, don’t you agree?


Any current obsessions to report?  What’s the weather like in your neck of the world?


8 thoughts on “Current obsessions.

  1. Gilmore girls, yes! Their little town is so picture perfect, it always makes me feel like watching a fairy tale. Love the characters and the story!
    Also, YES to blue and yellow, it’s gorgeous. Our leaves are falling fast, the winter rains have started – any day could be the last for the colour explosions.
    The capsule wardrobe is in progress – I brought 2 big garbage bags full of clothes I don’t need any more to goodwill today. It’s not quite capsule – or maybe a very large capsule? I’ll keep you updated!

  2. I may have squealed when I saw Gilmore Girls appear on Netflix. It’s on my to watch pile, as I really need to catch up on current shows….however, maybe I’ll just watch a FEW episodes this weekend….

  3. Oh Flo… how we miss her sweet face. Love that shot of her on the fridge.

    We ask Oreo from time to time if he wants a little brother or sister (usually when I see the most adorable puppies that need a home). But he just looks at us with disdain. He loves playing with other animals, but he wants them to go home after he’s done playing. When other animals come to stay at our house with us, he’s not as impressed with sharing his people, couch, or toys. He is definitely a spoiled only child. ;)

    Oh man, I used to watch Rachael Ray religiously. I’ve made a lot of her recipes and they’re really pretty good! Also, Gilmore Girls… my FAV! Okay, so I have a couple of favorite tv shows, but that is DEFINITELY one of them. LOVE! :)

    And yes, blue skies and yellow leaves… contrasting beautifully. Love it! :)

  4. I am currently obsessed with freezer meals (because they’ll make my life SO much easier after the baby arrives), The Amazing Race television show, AND Taylor Swift’s new cd. :)

  5. I love Gilmore Girls! I feel like it’s one of those shows that will never get old for me. I have all seven seasons on DVD, and when we went to China I took them all with me (without the boxes, of course) for comfort-watching! Embarrassingly, the types of shows that I keep obsessively watching on Hulu lately are semi-trashy, like America’s Next Top Model. I just get sucked in, and I watch one after the other. And I bet Kiki is perfectly content being an only-cat for right now. How old is she? I know my vet said that there is a certain age when cats become too old to introduce a new pet successfully. We tried to get The Fonz a kitten a few years ago, and she drove him nuts! I can’t remember if I’ve mentioned her before (probably!). We ended up finding another home for her, and The Fonz was so pleased to be on his own again! But since Kiki is a female, maybe her maternal instincts would kick in or something. Fonz was definitely not the “mother” type–if anything, he was the bullying older brother, haha. :-)

  6. you know i’ve never played Sudoku? i want to learn every time i’m bored on the plane, but that’s also the only time i don’t have google to tell me HOW to play. i am downloading it on my phone (and looking up instructions) right now. will report on progress after a few weeks (need time before telling the expert how i’m doing:) )

  7. That list picture is beautiful! I love crisp fall days when the sky is super blue like that against the bright leaves!

    Flo was so adorable. So is Kiki! I sometimes pester Jimmy about us getting Lola a friend (cat or dog!) but I don’t think we’re ready either, especially after my double-puppy-fail, haha. Lola is like Kiki in that she LOVES being an only child! I totally get it :)

    If you do a capsule wardrobe, I would love to read about it! I’m intrigued for sure!

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