Recently on Instagram.

Did you know that I did not read the October quote from Anne of Green Gables a single time this month?  Last year you couldn’t click into the internet without seeing it and this year – nothing.  So I guess I have no choice but to put it out there.  You know I have to, really.

“I’m so glad I live in a world where there are Octobers.”  – L. M. Montgomery

I’m also so glad I live in a world where there is Instagram.  Can you imagine Anne’s Instagram shots?  Lots of nature photos.  Selfies with Diana.  Cooking fails.  #marillaisgonnabefurious

Here are a few of my October favorites.  As usual, I followed the Fat Mum Slim prompts for the month.


Prompt:  B is for…


Prompt:  C is for…


Prompt:  E is for…
English mastiff.


“Amy, please sit down.  It has come to my attention that you were absent for three days.  And your clothing carries the scent of canine.  Where have you been and with whom have you been associating?”


Prompt:  H is for…
Hot air balloon.


Finishing off the bottle…two ounces at a time.


Prompt:  K is for…
Kevin and Kiki.  Of kourse.


It’s a gorgeous fall day and my team is winning.  I’m purring like a cat in a sun spot.


Prompt:  L is for…


Prompt:  O is for…
Open wide.  Does this tennis ball make my mouth look fat?

IMG_8166Prompt:  Q is for…
Quiet.  Just how Kiki likes it.

IMG_8208Prompt: S is for…
Shower.  Three Eastern NM girls at Tiff’s bridal brunch.

IMG_8211Prompt:  T is for…
Tree.  Ahh, fall colors.  How you do show off…

IMG_8226Prompt:  U is for…

IMG_8256Prompt:  V is for…

IMG_8274Prompt:  W is for…
Welcome home hugs.  Kiki Badger don’t care.

IMG_8365Prompt:  One.
One Kiki tongue.

IMG_8379Prompt:  Five. 
It’s the fifth consecutive year that Shawna and I have coordinated our Halloween costumes.  Mario and Luigi for the win this year.
Read about costumes of Halloweens past hereAnd last year’s efforts here

Did you dress up for Halloween this year?  What variety of pictures did you take in October?  What fictional characters’ Instagram do you covet? 


12 thoughts on “Recently on Instagram.

  1. I’m in love with your Mario and Luigi costumes! They’re absolutely perfect!!!
    And, as always, I adore the pics! (The tennis ball photo made me laugh. Such a cutie)!

  2. Ok, Anne Shirley would have THE BEST instagram account! Ah! Why doesn’t that exist???

    Also, Kiki and her sweet furry paws just make melt. Love the pics, as always.

  3. In the first shot of Kiki and Kevin together, Kiki looks SO happy! I can almost hear her purring and kneading her paws into Kevin’s chest. So sweet. :)

    Also, I now have “Umbrella ella ella…” stuck in my head. I can’t stop singing it, haha!

  4. lovvve the dress your wore to tiff’s bridal shower (is there a such thing as a blogger closet share?) and your canvas photo is gorgeous <3 OH! and about the october quote being everywhere last year – it'd be fun to see a pinterest graphic over what things/pins were trending by year :)

  5. Your halloween costume!! SO cute! And the caption for the cat picture cracked me up. Totally what she would say! And yes, Anne’s Instagram would be THE BEST.

  6. All lovely! I’ve really enjoyed this challenge and I’m quite proud of you, Kristin, Joy and me and the fact that we’ve all kept going! I really think I may get mine printed in one of those little books like Britt posted about a while back.

  7. I love your Halloween costume! LOVE. Super cute. It’s fun to think about what Anne’s instagram would have looked like. Definitely lots of fall colors and made-up names for stuff :)

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