Meeting Ella.

Last week I hopped a flight to Phoenix.  Joy picked me up at the airport – with a passenger.  Her name is Ella and she is three months old.  She’s adorable.  She’s sweet.  She takes an amazing selfie – just like her Aunt Amy.


And she’s going to grow up in Hawaii.

Can you even imagine?  Their little family is moving to, like, the number one vacation spot in the world.  Incredible.

And I plan to go visit, for sure.  I mean, twist my arm, you know?  But…it takes a few extra dollas to go to Hawaii than it does to go to Phoenix, and I HAD to meet Ella before she relocates to the Pacific Islands.

We spent the day relaxing.  It was so fun to meet that precious little baby.  But maybe even more fun was watching my good friend thrive in her new role as a mother.  Joy and I have known each other for nearly a decade now, and I associate her with my own roaring 20’s.  We had a good time, yes indeed.  Now she’s a MOM.  And a great one at that!  It was heartwarming to witness.


I’m excited for their family and the Aloha adventure that lies ahead.  And I think Joy needs to start a blog!  All in favor say aye….

Do you have friends that you associate with one life stage who are now in another?  What’s your dream relocation spot? 



11 thoughts on “Meeting Ella.

  1. That’s awesome!! I mean, sad that they will be moving further away, but now you have a great reason to visit Hawaii!! I think it’s amazing they will get to LIVE there! I only have one friend who lives there and I’m always thinking Christopher and I need to go visit him (and you know… see Hawaii while we’re there of course). ;) Also, Ella is adorable. :)

  2. So cute! All of my Florida friends are having babies now, so I know what you mean…it’s strange to go visit and see them in their mom-roles (when I remember how silly they were when we were in college)! Of course, they could say the same thing about me. :-)

  3. AYE!!!! I LOVED Hawaii and would love to see pics of the beautiful island… as well as read about Joy’s adventures of living in such a beautiful place! :) And, yes, you now officially have an excuse to go there, for sure! It’s soooooo beautiful!!!
    (You know what else is beautiful? Baby Ella! :) Just too cute!!)

  4. What a beautiful post. Ella is so lucky to have such a great Aunt and is looking forward to seeing you again in Kauai. And me… Well I count my lucky stars to call you a friend. I don’t know anyone else who would catch a flight to spend one day with us. Love you girl. Until we see each other again, in tropical paradise.

  5. Ella is a doll. And the selfie of you two is hilarious! I don’t think I would mind growing up in Hawaii…nope. I have never visited, but I would love to (obviously). Why are tickets so expensive? I look at flights every once in a while when life just feels blah.

  6. Aww, Ella is precious! Definitely a great selfie taker, just like her aunt!! I think Joy should totally start a blog! I would love to hear about her life in Hawaii and motherhood. Plus, if she’s friends with you then I know she’s awesome!

    Dream relocation spot: Anywhere hot. Arizona, Florida, Hawaii, Texas. Anywhere with NO SNOW!!

  7. aw, so sweet that you flew to phoenix to visit your friend’s new babe. and dream location spot? hm… minneapolis (hehe i really do love it) and then a winter home.. like.. let’s see..hawaii? ha, you can give this response a c- for lacking originality, but at least it’s truthful!

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