Home alone.

When Kevin is out of town, I’m a big sissy.  And he was out of town earlier this week which means there were two cats in the house – one named Kiki, the other named Scaredy.

I’m not exactly sure how this happened.  I lived alone for years and I don’t remember being especially anxious every single moment of every single night.  I guess I’m just out of the habit now.

On the third morning KA {Kevin Away} I was rudely awaken by the low-battery chirping of a smoke detector.  I fumbled my way to the extra 9V batteries, located the culprit, and replaced the battery.  And it kept chirping.  I fiddled around with it, pulled it from the wall, popped the battery in and out, called Kevin, followed his recommendation to hold down the test button, winced as the alarm screeched, repeated all these steps, twice…and the little monster kept right on chirping.  As much as I would have loved to hang out with the chirper all day {sarcasm}, I had to go to work.  Kiki was not so lucky and I do believe the every-30-seconds beep drove her within an inch of her sanity.  Poor thing spent the entire day {I speculate} curled up on the boot boxes in the closet {her safe place}.

Later that day the three to five o’clock window brought lots of visitors – the cable guy {box was malfunctioning}, the HVAC guy {changeover time}, and the alarm guy {who made the alarm go off twice in his work – supplying Kiki with more stories to tell her cat-therapist}.

But what about the smoke detector?  I can practically hear you asking that question, on the edge of your seat with anticipation.

Give the people what they want, that’s my motto.

It was still chirping.  So I did what anyone would do – I Googled a solution.  “They” recommended turning off the breaker, removing the detector from the wall, disconnecting the wires, taking out the battery, holding down the test button for 15 seconds, putting the battery back in, reconnecting the wires, putting it back on the wall, and flipping the breaker back to the on.  I turned off the breaker.  That’s as far as I go, people.  Disconnecting electrical wires is on the husband’s list of responsibilities.  Unfortunately he was in Kansas and therefore unavailable for wire disconnecting.  No need though – the breaker thing worked!

For a couple of hours.  Then…chirpity-chirp-chirp.  Again. {I learned that Gilmore Girls turned up loud almost blocks the sound.  Kiki stayed in the closet.}

It was around that time that darkness fell and there was a great racket outside.  Probably burglars {or the neighbors putting out the trash bin}.

Also.  It’s October and all kinds of scary previews are on TV.

Also again.  My feet were eaten up by a mosquito {who died a horrific death shortly after the attack} and now they’re swollen and they itch something horrible.

So basically it’s all kinds of fun around here.

Have you had a run-in with a smoke detector?  Do mosquitoes love you?  Do you enjoy being home alone – or is every night noise subject to a heightened sense of scary?


15 thoughts on “Home alone.

  1. Oh no! That’s terrible! We haven’t had a detector start chirping on us like that yet. Hopefully ours won’t do that. So weird! Also I especially hope that doesn’t happen with CA (you know… Christopher Away ;) ). The last couple of times he’s had to go out of town, something has started leaking! This last time it was the bathroom faucet. And the year before that it was a random stop on our ceiling. I feel pretty self reliant with most home renovation fixes because we did so much together. But I draw the line at plumbing, haha! And electrical. I don’t mess with either of those things so I don’t blame you for leaving the wires alone. :)

    Oh, and I am the worst about Christopher being gone. I usually have specific things planned so I’m not home alone at night until it’s time to go to bed, ha! And then I totally break the rules and let Oreo sleep in the bed with me because I’m a big baby. ;) Glad you are surviving (or survived?) KA!

  2. This made me laugh out loud! I have been jumpy when left alone at night before, but now that I have kids I think if I had that much time to myself it would be a mini-vacation and not even a burglar making noise outside would be able to tear me away from my bubble bath and red wine induced coma. However, the chirping would have definitely had me hiding in the closet with Kiki.

  3. Ha, ha. Oh no!!!
    I’m totally the same way! Nate went away for one night over the weekend, because he was in his brother’s wedding… and I came down the day of the wedding instead of driving down for the rehearsal dinner. And I heard every little creak (which is a lot, because apparently our house is settling and in a creaky stage). So I convinced myself that someone was in the house, so I totally crept through the entire house (because I figured that I’d rather face the invader than be surprise-attacked in bed). Ha, ha.
    So, I get it!!
    And hey, that’s pretty good that you knew how to turn off the breaker. That’s even further than I would have been able to take it.
    And lastly, mosquitoes love me… but I hate them with a vengeance!!!

  4. Haha oh no! This is terrible, yet funny at the same time. I did have the same problem with the smoke detector before – my solution? Take the batteries out, “to deal with it later” – 5 years later, I have never tried to figure it out. No smoke detector it is. You and I have animals, I figure their spidey senses will alert us to a fire, right?
    But your solution is just as good: turn up the TV volume! I approve of this solution.
    Is Kevin back now? I can’t believe he would leave at a time like this, with so many “fix-it” guys coming to your house! The cheek.

  5. Oh geez. Not fun at all!! Military families swear by this same series of events; something WILL go wrong the second your spouse leaves for school/training/deployment/etc. At least now you know you can handle most things on your own! Girl power!

    In reality though, being home alone sucks. I HATE it. I mean, wait. I LOVE it… during the day. Once it gets dark though, give me a house full of people! And even then, don’t let me be the last one to go to sleep.

    You are All That Is Woman.

  6. I always think I’d be happy to live alone and do whatever/whenever, decorate how I want want, etc but then I remember how I feel when I’m home alone for ONE night and realize I couldn’t actually do it. Unless maybe I had a giant german shepherd to act like my body guard at all times. I hate the scary tv previews and as soon as I think about that dark corner I get all freaked out!

  7. I used to be such an independent person–I always wanted to live alone because I thought I would be one of those strange people that really enjoyed it… but now that I am married I think I would be the same way!

  8. Smoke detectors are the WORST! The only way to get them to stop chirping is to destroy them! I totally get feeling jumpy while Kevin is away. Justin had to leave on a work trip almost as soon as we moved in, and I kept repeatedly checking to make sure the doors were locked. I almost jumped out of my skin when I walked into the living room and saw a man standing on my porch…until I realized it was my dad. He was all, “I didn’t want to ring the bell in case the baby was sleeping!” And I was, “Well next time you’d better or you’ll be driving me to the hospital to treat my heart attack!”

  9. I love staying home alone, but this is because it’s extremely, extremely rare that I get to stay alone. But I do get freaked out about really dark rooms and sometimes sounds. And I have to sleep with the door closed because if someone’s trying to get me, I figure I’d hear them open it and maybe have a chance to run away….Yeah…right.

    Hope the smoke detector situation got sorted out!

  10. i feel your pain, but i wish it wasn’t so. jon works in wisconsin 2-3 days a week, and so i usually start the week off on my own. i live in an apartment, and so i have maintenance for the alarm/cable/water disposal tasks, but… still… it’s rough. there is just something so comfortable and happy about knowing your favorite person in the world is home and waiting for you. hopefully this doesn’t become a regular thing! and yes- gilmore girls does seem to fix a multitude of things <3

  11. It’s so hard to be alone sometimes! I am so sorry about all of the struggles for you and Kiki!! I’m sure you’re happy Kevin is home now :). I am like you and totally wouldn’t mess with wires either! They scare me!

    Every time my parents have gone out of town (when I lived with them) something always went haywire.. I or numerous animals would get sick, an appliance would break, etc. lol! I think it makes us realize how nice it is to have help and company in the form of loved ones :)

  12. Oh man, I totally get this! I’ve actually never lived alone, so when Steve is gone (which is super rare) I’m the biggest wimp. And of course, that’s always when things break/go nuts. Poor Kiki! Hopefully her cat therapist can help her with the trauma ;-) I like the Gilmore Girls solution though…that is probably exactly what I’d do.

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