Coffee date with you.

Amanda aka The Lady Okie inspired the coffee date theme of this post.  She’s written a few in this style and I adore them and her, so thanks, Amanda, for the inspiration.


Let’s pretend that you and I are meeting for coffee, or a tea, if you prefer.  I’d have a latte, thanks, with a splash of vanilla.  We’d settle in to catch up and here’s what I’d contribute to the conversation.

I’d start by reminding you that I’m not the type to yak on and on about being busy.  Mostly because no one cares.  OR if someone does care, it’s only because they are salivating on your last word so they can tell you how much busier than you they are.  But you, my lovely coffee shop date, are not like that at all, so I won’t feel a bit guilty or apprehensive about releasing a sigh and sharing:  I feel like there aren’t enough hours in the day.  You’d laugh and agree and ask what’s been filling my hours.

It’s easier to say what’s NOT filling my hours.  Dusting, for instance.  And organizing the garage.  And cleaning out the refrigerator – that leftover couscous is about to walk out on its own.

What is keeping you from all those exciting activities, you ask?

Well, work is a big thing.  There are a few projects underway that require undivided attention for blocks of hours.  But I like that kind of thing to fill my day, so it’s really been fulfilling, actually.

Then there are community commitments, with their joys and disappointments and – always – meetings.  Meetings that committee members don’t show up for {at this point, you’d shake your head, mimicking my exasperation} and meetings that go on for hours.  The latter resulted in Amy (let’s take this to third person, shall we?) getting home late to find that Kevin had the audacity to do laundry and leave clothes in the dryer.  What was he thinking?  He knows that Amy is some kind of compulsive, obsessed laundry lady who must fold and put away – not tomorrow – today.  So she played the role of laundry martyr for the 10 PM showing.  Audience:  Kevin and Kiki.  As I sheepishly admit to my crazy, you’ll laugh with me.  Poor guy did a nice thing by tackling the overflowing hamper of dirty clothes and that’s how you thank him, you’d ask.  And you’re right, friend.  When you’re right, you’re right.  {Sweet husband, I owe you coffee and ice cream.  Everyday.}

I’m reading a fair amount {working my way through Maeve Binchy’s Tara Road at the moment}, and the cool weather has me craving lots of Kevin and Kiki cuddles.


Looking ahead, as we put our next coffee date to the planner, I tell you about all of the exciting things that are coming soon:  a work trip to Santa Fe, an anniversary lunch at work for the company’s 10th year, some volunteering, a Pinterest party, a bridal brunch, a day trip to Phoenix to meet a sweet little newborn, a hula hoop dance class {for which you’ll insist on tagging along}, and my best friend’s wedding!  It’s a great life.

Enough about me.  Let’s talk about you.  What’s new?  Can I buy you a _________ {fill in this blank with your order on our imaginary coffee date}?



15 thoughts on “Coffee date with you.

  1. I love this blog post idea! I would probably order a tea. I’m not a big coffee drinker though I’ve started to like iced coffee! If I had my Invisalign in, I would down it pretty fast but you would understand that :) I agree with people talking about how busy they are and always trying to one up. There’s better things to talk about than that! I’d tell you I’m looking forward to my birthday coming up but very sad Peter is missing it. I know you would tell me it’s okay and that he’ll be home for Thanksgiving soon! I probably show you 20 pictures of my niece and my dogs. We could easily swap lots of HR stories and go on for hours about Harry Potter. It would be quite the fun coffee date! :)

  2. I think that if it a cold morning a nice cup of hot tea would be nice and I would love to talk with you about the places you have been and the places you are going, what an adventure that would be….love to hear about your plans….

  3. We would make great roommates because I have a strict rule about the boys not leaving clothes in the washer or dryer. Of course, we have that rule not because I’m crazy but because we each do our own laundry and someone leaving their clothes in a machine means the next person is either screwed or has to do someone else’s job. So after your story about the laundry, I’d tell you that, and then we’d both agree that we are enablers of each others’ laundry quirks. ha!

    Oh, and if we were in a Starbucks, I’d maybe get a java chip (the smallest one, whatever that’s called). If we were anywhere else, I’d just drink water from my Camelbak bottle which is always with me.

  4. Love this!! I’ll take a vanilla latte with extra foam!! I do things like have OCD laundry-type freak outs, too. Jimmy just shakes his head and deals with my crazy. I totally understand!

    Love the Kiki and Kevin cuddle picture :)

  5. Decaf skinny soy mocha. ;)

    Sounds like things are a little overwhelming right now. You definitely have a lot on your plate! I hope things get settled down at work soon so you can breathe a little more! On the bright side – so many fun things coming up soon for you! A Pinterest party is right up my alley! :)

  6. I’ll have an iced coconut latte, please ;-)
    YES, I would definitely insist on coming to the hula hoop dance class…it sounds amazing! And I hear you about the dusting…it’s been weeks over here. Hopefully your work calms down a little too…busy seasons can be super exhausting. Also, can you please teach me how to be a compulsive laundry lady? I’m terrible at getting my laundry put away!

  7. I’ve never heard of a Pinterest party! That sounds fun! Although, I would have to skip out on the hula hoop class. I’m just SO bad at it…I bet even a world-renowned (is there such a thing?) hoop teacher wouldn’t be able to remediate my non-existent skills. By the way, I feel silly that I don’t know this, but what do you do for a living? What kinds of projects are you working on?

  8. Okay, what’s wrong with me? What IS a Pinterest party? I keep seeing people talk about these, and I don’t know what it is! Help.

    Also, I would order a chai, but you already knew that. Actually, in a month or two I might order a peppermint mocha, because as much as I don’t like coffee, I do like an peppermint mocha from Sbucks.

    Also x2, funny you should mention dusting, because I totally came home after church on Sunday and freaked out about the state of dusting that needs to happen in our apt and kind of just dusted everything. Gosh I hate dusting so much.

    Coffee dates are fun! Too bad I missed you in person for a real one. Next time!

  9. Amy, I just adore you and your unique way with words. You’re so funny! “It’s easier to say what’s NOT filling my hours. Dusting, for instance. And organizing the garage. And cleaning out the refrigerator – that leftover couscous is about to walk out on its own.” or “So she played the role of laundry martyr for the 10 PM showing.” LOVE.IT! Your sense of humour is kick-ass. And that’s the highest compliment I give.
    Oh yes, and I am in awe and wonderment as well: what IS a Pinterest party?

  10. I love Maeve Binchy! Especially Tara Road. I’ve read it a few times even. I also love hula hooping! I have a pink and white one in Mesa and another one in MN. I need to practice more though. It’s still hard to turn right or do the grape vine smoothly.

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