Stillwater {love} runs deep.

Stillwater, Oklahoma, home to OK State U, is one of my absolute favorite places.  It was there that I spent my college years, and I am always excited to go visit.  So naturally, there is an unspoken requirement that any husband of mine is duly obligated to adore and gush over the town and the campus like I do.  Fortunately, Kevin was up for the challenge.  As we drove around town and I pointed out the hot spots (“There’s the chiropractor office that I went to after a girl ran a red light and hit my car!” Etc.), he genuinely appeared to like what he saw.  Then we spotted Marble Slab.  I knew at that moment – victory was mine.  Stillwater had Kevin at Marble Slab.

We stopped into Pete’s and bought a OSU cowboy t-shirt for the gentleman and a sweatshirt for the lady.  {Thank goodness too, because we sat in the shade at the game on Saturday and the temperature was in the 60’s, so the lady was cold.}  We ate at Eskimo Joes, because that’s what you do on your first trip to Stillwater.  There were cheese fries.  And burgers.  Then, of course, there was Marble Slab.  I know the way to Kevin’s heart.


We let ourselves into my friend Amy’s house, as she was working out of town.  She was so nice to let us stay with her.  We loved seeing her house (she just moved in!) and meeting her dogs.  They were very suspicious of us when we first arrived and she wasn’t at home yet!  When she arrived home late that night and vouched for our coolness, they decided we were alright.


I stayed up late catching up with Amy, which was lovely.

In addition to letting us stay with her, she was also the one who hooked us up with tickets to the OSU game.  And she dropped us off and picked us up so we didn’t have to deal with parking on or near campus during game day.  Seriously.  She’s awesome, that Amy.


We walked around campus a little before the game and I waxed poetically about how different things look now.  (Except it wasn’t poetic.  I basically just said, “Wow – that’s different.  And that’s different.  And that’s different.”)



We met up with Lyndse and Sara.  It was nice to see them, even though it was brief!


Both teams looked a little rough in the first half, but things picked up later in the game and Oklahoma State won.





We walked around campus a little bit and then drove around and grabbed Starbucks with Amy.

Then it was time to head into Oklahoma City, where we were meeting up with Tessa and her husband, who were kind enough to let us stay with them.  We went to Lake Hefner Grill for dinner and it was delicious.  I’m still annoyed that Tessa managed to grab the check before me and they bought our dinner.  But that just means that we owe them next time!  I’ll get you, my pretty….

There was football and lots of attention from Tessa and Ryan’s dogs – two English Mastiffs.


Sunday morning they (umm, the humans, not the dogs) cooked us some tasty country ham and biscuits for breakfast, and then it was time for Kevin to go to the airport (he had to be in Denver for work on Monday) and for me to meet up with Jenny.

Returning to a place you love is fun and nostalgia inspiring.  But as I think about the weekend, I’m most struck by the wonderful people who were woven into it.  Maybe it’s the people who make the place?

Do you like returning to your alma mater? 


11 thoughts on “Stillwater {love} runs deep.

  1. So…. I have been to Stillwater precisely 1 time. I went to an OSU game, and it was fun! But I have not eaten at Eskimo Joes. I really want to! I’ve heard such good things.

  2. We walked around campus a little before the game and I waxed poetically about how different things look now. (Except it wasn’t poetic. I basically just said, “Wow – that’s different. And that’s different. And that’s different.”)

    ha, you’re funny. and amy’s dogs? so cute. and marble slab ice cream? looks delicious. you’re gonna make me love stillwater <3

  3. I haven’t been back to Tech since March. I wish I could every weekend! I need to make more friends down there though so I have few places to stay :) Luckily since Peter went there too we can oh and ah about how much has changed together haha.
    I definitely agree that the people help make the place! All those memories and adventures together I think help it feel more special!

  4. I think I like Stillwater…never been there, but it seems like a good place! I’m glad to find this out, as, coincidentally, I’ve had to do/read a few things at work recently about Oklahoma, and they left me feeling like it was pretty sketchy. Maybe not?

    I went to Las Cruces last year and walked around campus doing the “that’s different” thing. My inner student was full of righteous indignation over the giant Barnes & Noble that was plopped in one of the parking lots (as if parking wasn’t already a pain!!!). But more than anything, I just left feeling like “Yep, this chapter of life is done.” Sigh.

  5. I lol’d at (“There’s the chiropractor office that I went to after a girl ran a red light and hit my car!” haha! That’s totally something I would point out, too! And Marble Slab would win Jimmy’s heart as well. I totally get it!

    And oh my goodness, your friend Amy’s dogs are too cute! Wow! And Tessa and Ryan’s dogs! Awwww. Dog city! I bet it was a blast to travel and catch up with friends :)

  6. I want Eskimo Joes cheese fries sooo bad right now! I love the fact that Canyon is my Stillwater, I do love that place though. I’m glad there was a Marble Slab, I can always count on seeing my brother if I bribe him with Marble Slab :) Glad ya’ll had fun!

  7. What a fun nostalgic trip! The dogs are all adorable, but I think it would have been much more interesting to see the mastiffs make breakfast! ha! We have family where our alma mater is, so we go to campus when we visit them. There is always something that has changed!

  8. I’ve been there!!!!!! I mean obviously you know that, haha! But it makes me smile that there is a place we have both visited in the past 5 months. :) So glad Kevin got to try Eskimo Joe’s – those cheese fries really are amazing. :) And that Amy IS a good friend!

    I love returning to my alma mater!! I totally do the same thing about “well that’s different!” every time we visit. Our school has grown a LOT since we graduated. It’s fun to see all the changes.

  9. Awww, that sounds like SO much fun!
    And, yes, I LOVE returning to my alma mater too!! It’s where Nate kissed me for the first time (he gave me a sweet little peck on the cheek) AND where Nate proposed to me. :) (Oh, yeah, and I graduated there too. Ha, ha). Soooo many memories!

  10. It is so fun to go back to your alma mater…but also a little sad, because it’s never quite the same as when you left it! We took Baby Jake back to Florida State about a month ago (where we went to school and met each other and started dating) and had a mini baby dedication outside of the football stadium–he will officially be a Florida State Seminole one of these days, I know it! :-) But I bet it will look like a completely different school by the time he goes there!

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