Palazzo pants party.

Kevin has been begging and begging to take some outfit photos for me.

“Please?!” he pleads, over and over, at least once an hour.

Finally, I couldn’t take it any longer and I said, “OKAY, okay.  I’ll put on my Moroccan print palazzo pants and you can take some outfit photos.”


Poor guy.  He’s always such a good sport.  Even when he doesn’t understand my fashion choices, he doesn’t question them.  When I remarked that the print of my pants very closely resembles the tile around our fireplace, he just chuckled and didn’t take the bait by agreeing or disagreeing.


Now let’s talk palazzo pants.  They are so bright and fun – and suspiciously like pajama pants.  But I don’t look a gift horse in the mouth.  No sir.  I just don the comfy pants with the elastic waistband and say, “They’re in style,” with a smile.


I ordered mine from Dorothy Perkins, and here are some options in varying patterns if you fancy a palazzo pants party in your own closet.

I’m linking up with the fun over at Passion for Fashion today – go check out some of the stylish fall fashionistas!

Would you wear palazzo pants?  What is your favorite comfy look? 


11 thoughts on “Palazzo pants party.

  1. You’re too funny! Yes, I am very familiar with the concept as well. Those men can’t seem to live without us doing photo shoots! Which in turns means of course that we need to buy more clothes. Gotta love them!
    I also adore your pants! Stylish and comfy? Win/win!

  2. I love your fashion choices! I think they’re so current and fun!! :) AND I’m loving those pants on you! You definitely pull them off, and I’m not sure that I would be so talented! But it would be fun to try!
    And since I’m pregnant, my new favorite comfy look is definitely a nice pair of yoga pants. ;) I pair them with a really cute top, and I tell myself that I’m looking sporty AND classy at the same time. Ha, ha. :)

  3. blogger husbands deserve a photography award. lucky for me, jon’s come around to liking my camera- he even grabs it and whenever he sees a good shot :) as for palazzo pants? love um’ – stylish and comfy? always.

  4. I have never heard of palazzo pants, buuuut they look and sound amazing. Elastic waistband, in style, can match fireplaces, and husbands totally want to take pictures of you in them?! What more could you ask for!! But really, you are rocking them, as you always rock clothes!

  5. Yeeeees!! I love my Palazzo pants!! They really do feel like I’m wearing PJ pants in public and yet they are so stylish. And someday when they are out of style, I can still wear them at home as pajamas! :) I’ve owned a pair for nearly a year now, but I literally just learned the name of them last week! The place I bought them from was a little local boutique and they didn’t have a name for them. So I’ve always called them my “dressy yoga pants” HA! Anyway, last week I was wearing them and a male friend asked if I was wearing “palazzo pants”… I told him I wasn’t sure, ha! His wife had been on the hunt for some the weekend before which is why he knew the term for them. It cracked me up that I have had them this long and had to learn the correct term for them from a very manly man male friend. ;)

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