R is for random and recent.

The other day I drove by an apartment building and witnessed clothing and shoes being thrown out of a second-story window.  Since there was no smoke or other sign of a fire, I do believe there a domestic disagreement was in progress.  Now, to the question, was someone was trying to escape or send a no-good-lyin’-cheatin’ roomie packing, I am uncertain.  Regardless, it felt like something straight out of a song or a Hollywood production.

I attended a wedding last weekend with Leann.  We both met Becca through Junior League and she was an absolutely gorgeous bride.  The wedding was beautiful and the reception was the very definition of fun in a gorgeous setting.  Think Spanish villa, surrounded by vineyards. The last dance song took the cake – Journey.  Don’t Stop Believin’.  Every single person in attendance was on that dance floor.  It was legen… – say it with me HIMYM fans – …dary.



My favorite bracelet (purchased from Hazelaid – it can be spied in the above photo of Leann and me – right arm, tan and white) busted earlier this week.  And it was like a little piece of my heart broke with it.  (Dramatic?  Me?  Naaaah….)  In all seriousness though – because the situation calls for seriousness – I have worn that bracelet non-stop for over three years.  It NEVER left my wrist. I guess I need to order a new one.  Have you heard about the healing powers of hazelwood?

A butterfly flittered across my path recently and I decided that must be the opposite of the black cat superstition.

Kevin’s cousin came to visit recently.  He is studying in Paris for a few years – glamorous, eh?


Last night was one of the best nights of all the 2014 nights because I went to see Wicked.  For the third time.  I’m practically an understudy.  The soundtrack plays, on repeat, in my brain.  Nonstop.  And in my brain, as I sing along, I sound fabulous.  (Real life – not so much. As Kevin and Kiki – a built-in audience – can attest.)  The show was terrific and the company was terrific too – my theatre buddy Derek and my mother-in-law Sue.  Just one short day in the Emerald City…..


 What’s your random and recent? 



10 thoughts on “R is for random and recent.

  1. Don’t stop believin’ was indeed legendary and memorable, as was your interpretive dancing :) It was a fun night…glad you were my date. And after having spent that time with you on the dance floor, I think you would be wonderful in Wicked!

  2. There is a superstition about butterflies actually. It could symbolize a new person waiting to come into your life, or a person who has passed saying hello. It’s the whole cocoon/rebirth thing.

    Don’t stop believin’ is such an awesome song and yet Sopranos actually managed to make it instantly connected with pure sorrow in my mind. :(

  3. I’m singing “Don’t stop believin'” in my head right now! Such a great song.
    Who’s the beautiful, golden-curled cutie in your picture? Is he/she a Goldendoodle? What a pretty dog!

  4. I LOVE Wicked!! So glad that you guys enjoyed seeing it again! I saw it for the first time in July, and I will definitely be seeing it again. That domestic dispute sounds nuts…I probably would have stopped and kept watching! And sorry about your bracelet…it’s the worst when that happens!

  5. practically a wicked understudy? how do i get on that list? i’ve only seen it twice, but i have the soundtrack ready and waiting anytime i need a pick me up :) also: you looked gorgggeous at the wedding :)

  6. LOL to the clothes flying out of the window! That must have been a sight to see!

    I agree with you on the butterfly! My mom and aunt always tell me about how their mom (who died) loved monarch butterflies. They both swear ever time something really amazing happens in their lives, they always see a monarch butterfly within minutes if they’re outside. it always gives me the chills!

    I’m kind of jealous of all the weddings you get to go to! Weddings are so much fun!!

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