This chapter.

It was a Tuesday.  Kevin sent me a text message with the deets – a couple of Broncos tickets for the upcoming weekend; did I wanna?  Naturally, I replied post-haste.  Before you could say “if not now, when?”, the plane tickets and game tickets were purchased and the rental car reserved.

Saturday morning found us in a bit of a Home Alone pickle when the alarm didn’t go off as planned.  We made it out the door just a few minutes behind schedule and a short flight brought us into Denver.  There was an hour length line at the rental car place – and a comic level of inefficiency to boot – but then we hit the open road in our chariot.

Denver being the active city it is, we inevitably ran into a big bike event detour, turning Colorado Blvd into a parking lot.  Which was where we were sort of rear ended.

No harm, no foul – fortunately.  Our trusty rental car had nary a scratch and the offender turned off the road suspiciously soon following the bumper tap.

Lunch was taken on the patio at Wash Park Grille – one the best spots in Denver, imo.  Then we walked around Wash Park and the neighborhood a bit before heading back to the condo for a nap (exhausting day, after all).


Dinner (why yes, there is a theme – thanks for noticing…we ate and napped our way through the weekend) was at The Chophouse – a dark and cozy steakhouse with the richest, most delicious onion soup I ever have slurped.

On Sunday we drove around a bit, had lunch at Little Ollie’s in Cherry Creek, and then made our way downtown for the game.


A quick rainstorm blew through and we hid under a tree en route to the stadium.  We arrived over an hour before game time and watched the teams warm up.  The weather was perfect (a drastic change from our last Broncos game), our seats were 30 rows from the field, and the people watching was superb.  Four guys parachuted into the stadium as part of the pre-game festivities – totally awesome.  Then it was game time.  It was a great game – especially the first half.  The end result brought a Bronco victory – with a side of hot dog, nachos, and kettle corn for the lady and gent.









Our flight was early Monday afternoon, so we made one last trip into the Cherry Creek shopping district to visit our favorite bookstore (The Hermitage) and a favorite restaurant (Hillstone).  Then it was time to hit the air once again.

I know that there are many exciting chapters ahead for Kevin and Amy (chapters where Amy refers to herself in the third person, apparently, and that include kids and more pets and those pesky financial obligations that increase with age), but I (umm, Amy) am especially enjoying this chapter.  The one where we can decide to go on a spur-of-the-moment trip out of town with minimal planning and arrangements {shout out to Kevin’s parents who are always so kind and willing to check in on Kiki – and previously Flo – when we’re out of town – we are so grateful to them}.  The one where we can eat and nap and read and be completely and utterly selfish with our time.  To each chapter its joys.

What chapter of life are you living?  Do you enjoy spur-of-the-moment trips or are you a planner?


12 thoughts on “This chapter.

  1. It looks like you may need a Manning jersey, mmm… I am certainly a planner I don’t know how you could do that, I literally will have a panic attack if I don’t plan trips. I may need to lighten up.

  2. Oh good gracious, so many levels to this post! I’m glad everything turned out great in the end despite the missed alarm, long line, rain, and fender bender… good grief! Sounds like you guys still had a wonderful time. We’re still in that same stage right now. Just easily picking up and going whenever we wish (which is a lot, haha!). :)

  3. Sooo much fun!!! And I agree, life really is all about chapters. Nate and I most definitely enjoyed our ‘we can take off whenever we want’ chapter sooo much, and I wouldn’t change it for the world. I’m honestly glad we waited to have kids!
    And obviously, we’re about to enter the oh-my-gosh-we’re-parents chapter now. Ha, ha. :) And I really can’t wait!

  4. It’s a good chapter, indeed. I think it’s so easy to look ahead to the next chapter or the next thing and forget to appreciate the chapter we’re in. Good work on that one, friend!

  5. What an incredibly fun weekend! And such a good opportunity to connect with each other without the “busy” of home.

    I have to admit, I am envious. This is the life I’ve been working toward. I can now see that there’s been something keeping me from it for the last 6-ish years. I suppose I can just GO on my own and enjoy the spontaneous weekend fun! Thank you for sharing, Amy :)

  6. Hey girl! How fun that you and your hub got to go on a spur of the moment adventure. You’re such a great writer! Nick and I too are enjoying our adventurous spirits, so glad you two ate enjoying each others company as young marrieds!

  7. YES. To each chapter its own joys. You totally nailed it. I am pretty much in the same chapter as you right now (except I’m still finishing school, haha), and it’s great. I love that Jimmy and I can also be “selfish” with our time and pretty much do as we please with our time. One day, Lord willing, we would like to have kids and more pets, too. But right now, this chapter is awesome and I’m going to enjoy it–just like you and Kevin!

  8. Ah, I love this!! Looks like such a fun trip (other than the accident, alarm, and rain)…and there is so much orange at that stadium! And we are in the same chapter, and love it. I’m sure the other chapters will be just as amazing and I’m looking forward to them, but it’s fun being just the two of us.

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