Red alert.


I recently had my hair colored.  For years I’ve been adding blond highlights to blond highlights and last week I threw my hands in the air and declared that I was tired of layered blonde highlights with light brown growth at my roots.  My hair gal and I sat to analyze little hair samples in her L’anza book, and ultimately we settled on one that I thought was going to give me glorious brown locks with a hint of copper.

Even now, days later, I’m surprised when I look in the mirror and see mostly copper with a hint of brown.

I like it.  I do.  But I’m in a bit of shock about it too.

It has caused me to think a bit about how to embrace being a redhead.  For instance, does this mean I should develop a fiery temper?  Am I allowed to wear pink?  And most importantly – can I pass as Ginny Weasley and gain admittance to Hogwarts?

At least I certainly have the redhead complexion – my pale skin looks fantastic next to red locks!

Do you color your hair?  Have you ever been surprised – pleasantly or otherwise – by a hair color or cut? 


11 thoughts on “Red alert.

  1. I started colouring my hair when I was 12. I have had every colour (yes, even green and purple) but I stopped around 6 years ago too give my hair a break. But then I started again last month as the grey started coming through.

  2. I am offended about this “fiery” comment! :-P Just kidding.

    I think you could go a little lighter and not be as shocked. But I’m only seeing one photo and this looks great too.

    You will get hilarious questions like “is that your real hair color?” I do all the time and I want to say “do I ask YOU if that’s your real hair color? No because it’s rude!” Seems to be a common question for redheads which is totally WEIRD.

    Also, it’s against redhead code to dye our hair. The only thing I’ve ever done is added a color to the bottom/underneath for fun but it was very obviously not real which was the point. FUN!

    What did Kevin think?? I bet he feels like he’s with another woman and cheating on you! haha. Did you ever watch Fringe the tv show? Olivia was blonde and her counterpart in an alternate universe, who Olivia called Fauxlivia, was a redhead. You could totally be Anna Torv as Fauxlivia! Go to LA and get special treatment!!

  3. Looks good! Here’s the deal on being a redhead:
    be fiesty, yes, of course!
    you can TOTALLY wear pink. You can also wear red lipstick. Don’t let them lie to you and say you can’t!
    And Hogwarts, of course.
    Welcome to the club! :D

  4. It looks so natural on you!! You definitely pull off the coppery color well! Also, I love your casual look. You make it look super cute while still being kicked back and casual. :)

    My hair color is still natural, but someday I want it to be totally white. I think it would look so cool if it were really long and silvery white. So if it doesn’t do that naturally then I’ll probably dye it. I also think it’d be fun to be platinum blonde at least once. So I’ll probably try that someday too. :)

  5. I did go red once, and mine was on accident, too! Apparently, if the hair color I use has even a HINT of red/copper tones, my hair just soaks it up and red is all you see. I’ve had to be careful since then. Whenever I dye my hair (because I am unfortunately getting more gray strands than I can pull out these days), I have to be really careful about the shade of brown that I choose!

  6. Love, love, love your hair! It looks fabulous on you, and you definitely have the right complexion for red hair. If you do gain admittance to Hogwarts then I think I need to come too..maybe as Luna Lovegood?! ;)

  7. Haha, I definitely think you should disguise yourself as Ginny and go to Hogwarts!! Best plan ever :-) The red hair looks awesome on you! I’m such a chicken about colouring my hair! I recently got some (super subtle) blonde highlights, and even that freaked me out!

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